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Westward (working) Credits

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Here is our current list of credits going into the final stretch of Westward. Take a look!


Special Thanks

TBD (We have their names, just not putting them here)




Art Director

Alexander Gustafson www.illustratedpixels.com


Cover Art

Tyler Walpole tylerwalpole.com


Cover Design & Layout

Rich Woodall johnraygun.deviantart.com


Design & Layout

Adam LeNaire


Interior Art

Michael Puncekar mpuncekar.blogspot.com,

Alexander Gustafson www.illustratedpixels.com,

Gennifer Bone razielart.deviantart.com,

Khairul Hisham www.hishgraphics.com,

Ryan Rhodes ryan-rhodes.deviantart.com,

Rich Woodall johnraygun.deviantart.com,

Calvin Chua wuniawu.wordpress.com



Herwin Wielink fantasy-maps.com,

Matt Jackson www.msjx.org





Nick Barone



J. Elliot Streeter,

Brett M. Pisinski,

Peter Schweighofer www.griffonpubstudio.com,

Deborah Teramis Christian deborahteramischristian.com,

Wayne Humfleet plus.google.com/u/0/102349879787349340017/posts#102349879787349340017/posts,

Casey Karner





TBD (We have their names, just not putting them here)



J. Elliot Streeter



Brett M. Pisinski


QA/QC Technical Lead

Raymond T. Biondi

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