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Writing down your skills

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This came up in a new group I'm playing with online.


Basically, I've always written out my skills as:


Knowledge 3D

Scholar 2D

spec. Theology 1D


Making my total roll for Theology 6D.


The group I'm playing with has a similar result but, it just seems so confusing:


Knowledge 3D

Scholar 5D

spec. Theology 6D


So, both ways obviously yield equal results but, which do you guys prefer or which have you always used? As I'm peeking around and my group's character sheets, it's very confusing for me to see the Specializations, Skills, and Attributes already added up and it just seems so clunky.



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I know that "by the rules", and as evidenced in the Star Wars characters and other D6 characters stats, it's supposed to be like the latter of the two.


I, however, prefer and encourage people to use the former of the two.


So Attributes are listed as something like 3D

Then the skill is listed as +2D

Then the specialization is listed as +1D


So you get the 6D total when using the specialty and the "+" listed indicates to the players that it should be added to the attribute.


Plus, I also base skill advancement off the current SKILL, not the skill + the attribute. So in the example above, it would cost 2 CPs to advance to 2D+1, rather than 5 Character Points.


Like you, though, I find that it's a lot cleaner looking to have just the skill and specialization amounts rather than adding in the attribute to all of the numbers.

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