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D6 Online 3.0

Revised difficulty levels

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Hey there, guys! So, I'm not too fond of D6's base difficulty levels - feels as if they were designed for a d10 system, instead of a d6 one. So I came up with this alternative table, and I'd like your opinions on it:


Very Easy - No roll needed.

Easy - 11 (appropriate for a 3D6 roll)

Moderate - 14 (appropriate for a 4D6 roll)

Difficult - 17 (appropriate for a 5D6 roll)

Very Difficult - 21 (appropriate for a 6D6 roll)

Heroic - 25 (appropriate for a 7D6 roll)

Mythological - 35


Obviously, the PCs' die pool wouldn't increase to the same level as in the basic game - I'm thinking of limiting Attributes to 4D and Skills to 4D as well. Character Points also wouldn't be given out at the same rate (though I would divorce CPs from XPs proper).


So, what do you guys think?

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Very Easy seems too easy, while the other rolls seem too difficult. If 4D is the max for Attributes and Skills then someone with 3D6 has only a 50-50 chance to make an Easy roll and someone with a max attribute of 4D has only a bit better than a 50-50 chance of making a Moderate roll. That isn't what I think of when I think of either an Easy or Moderate difficulty.

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Hmmm... To be honest, I was at first shooting exactly for a more-or-less 50% chance to succeed or fail at a difficulty-appropriate task; I see "Moderate" as something "moderate" for heroes, not for regular characters. But I see you guys' point.

How about just changing the difficulty ratings to multiples of 4? So:


Very Easy - 4

Easy - 8

Moderate - 12

Difficult - 16

Very Difficult - 20



Would that work better?


Edit: I'm reading your posts, Lee, and they're very enlightening. I just worry that the difficulty numbers you use are too easy - you're basing them on the average guy, while I'm trying to base myself on the average PC.

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That's part of why I expanded the range - I thought that keeping the "easy" and "moderate" range in the scope of performance of a normal person (2D, plus maybe 1D to account for being familiar if not proficient with a skill) could do more, and the upper (newly introduced) ranges would be the realm of the typical PC - most tasks wouldn't be such a challenge, and the more challenging tasks are mostly beyond what an ordinary person could do.


An example of that is the new level "tough" hitting the 18-20 range; a person with an average attribute and 1D in a skill probably won't succeed. A PC with 3D in an attribute and 2D in a skill has about a 50/50 chance.


My inspiration was games like GURPS, EABA, or Hero System where a character could still do reasonably well with an average stat, but could also shine with one above average. With a 3D attribute and a cap at 4D, the average PC is really exceptional - smarter, more agile, stronger, tougher than the common person - not just in one area, but right across the board. Action movie hero-type stuff. So it's keeping the 3-4-3-4 break (so each pair is roughly a 3.5 increase over the last) and putting in more levels. If we needed to use the game for a night playing something like "The Expendables" it could handle it, but if we wanted to play something more low-key and "realistic" like "Band of Brothers" the system would handle that easily too.

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