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As most of you may have already noticed, Brett Pisinski is taking the initiative on putting together Issue #5 of the D6 Magazine. The unfortunate reality is that Phil Hatfield and myself feel as though we must resign as editors of the mag. Rather than have the D6 community begin brimming with the intricate details of why we have come to this decision, we will offer a brief explanation to our friends so that there are as few misunderstandings as possible. We understand that everyone involved in the project including both of the editors and the publishers have a passion for gaming and the D6 community specifically. All parties involved want what is best for the community and for the magazine. However, it had become clear that as the passion was manifested it also was accompanied by differences of aesthetics and other artistic visions. Further, the system of two editors working in conjunction with the publisher lead to some initial misunderstandings when we first took the editorship, and some of those misunderstandings lead to a system that would not be sustainable in the long run. In the end, we felt that the D6 community could best be served by handing the magazine back to the publishers.



We want to affirm that you will continue to see us actively participating in the community. Phil and I have collaborated on projects in the past, and I expect that you will continue to see us working together in the future. You can also count on seeing my articles in the D6 Magazine on into the future. We simply will not be serving the community in this particular project in the roles as editors. We all hope that we can continue to count on your support of this ever-growing community of creative gamers working to further the infinite possibilities of the Open D6 systems.

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