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Green Dragon

Bloodshadows in Torg

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Someone (I believe it was Apeiros) has created a serviceable set of Axioms and World Laws for Bloodshadows. And the Godwar was clearly developed from the original Torg Possibility Wars concept. So integrating them should be a cinch, right?


Not so. Order and Chaos. On the surface they should equate to Apeiros and the Nameless One. But Apeiros represents Creation, and his forces (Storm Knights) generally fall on the side of Good. The Nameless One represents Destruction, and his High Lords can be quite Orderly (Gaunt Man and 3327 in particular).


So which side (Order or Chaos) is on the side of the Nameless One? How do we integrate the particulars of Marl's society into the Torg Cosmology?

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What the gods of order and chaos in Marl are trying to do once their respective side wins is not clear. I tend to view them as the gods of order and chaos in Moorcock's Elric saga (and all the other eternal hero storylines of his). There chaos is always destroying and creating anew while order tries to keep the status quo. The worlds where Chaos dominates are described by Moorcock as always changing in a constant process of destruction and creation while the worlds where Order dominates are described as totally devoid of any change, bleak deserts where nothing is alive. In Torg terminology this would be that Chaos is more like the Maelstrom while Order is more like The Place.


Of course, the gods of order and chaos in Marl could be depicted as good and evil, creation and destruction, Apeiros and the Nameless One, but I doubt it. Rather I would use them practically the same way the gods of Aysle are used. The gods of Aysle are no part of the more ancient legend about Apeiros and the Nameless One. In fact, in the Novel trilogy the dwarves tell this legend but depict them as an old story nobody believes in while the dwarves recognize the existence of the gods but chose not to believe in them as gods.


Uthorion as premier follower of Corba'al seems to have no knowledge (or believe) of the Nameless One/Apeiros. He aknowledges the Gaunt Man's claim to be Torg but only because the Gaunt Man says so and it would be unwise to speak against him. But he spreads destruction because Drakakanus prompts him to do so and it is the way of his god Corba'al. There is no mention about theological misconceptions on Uthorion's part though it is mentioned that both Jean Malraux and Baruk Kaah misused their respective religion and acted against their religion's tenets.


So what is it that Corba'al wants from his followers? The few lines in the Aysle SB say that he is the god of the dead, the entity and decay. His followers can see the decay in everything. His goal seems to be to further death and decay. But this is different from destruction of everything, especially the living and the creative. In fact it is even an aspect of Lanala who conquered death to give the circle of life a chance. One of Corba'al's Spheres of Influences is even living forces. So in my opinion he is clearly no god of destruction but rather the typical death god who is there to explain that everything has to die to make room for new creation.


Conclusion: I would use the gods of order and chaos (and the oathbreakers) of Marl just like they are used in Aysle. They could even be the same gods that are present not only on Aysle but on many other worlds too under different names but similar aspects. Even the aspects could change a little to reason why the gods fight over different worlds at all. Major victory in the God's war could be to conquer aspects from other gods.

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Someone (I believe it was Apeiros) has created a serviceable set of Axioms and World Laws for Bloodshadows.


Link: BloodShadows as a Torg Cosm


So which side (Order or Chaos) is on the side of the Nameless One? How do we integrate the particulars of Marl's society into the Torg Cosmology?


Why would you need to? The cosm is what it is. There is, so far as I know, no need to assign specific religions to Apieros/TNO. In fact, other than one statement in the Space God's, none do so.


The cosm fits into the cosmology by being a unique reality. That's enough.

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A while back I presented the vision I'm building for a postwar setting - or rather for the next phase of the War after the death of the Gaunt Man. I intend to use Marl as a stand-in for Nolava, Basjas Home Cosm, a world that was a Dark Fantasy reality before the Gaunt Man conquered it. But, if it still exists - or were recreated as a pocket dimension - might have evolved into a Pulp Noir reality instead. My initial concept was this:



Basjas home cosm has also been recreated in part by Heketon. When the Gaunt Man invaded, it was a reality in a mideval mindset. Not unlike a darker sister to Aysle. Magic was potent, technology and social axioms at middle levels (12-15). The Gaunt Man's invasion, and the allies gained on his arrival, brought about a terrible war.

To the population that survived [actually recreated by Heketon] it was a war between Order [Apeiros] and Chaos [the Nameless One], which devastated the world, leaving vast areas unihabitable, and much of history was lost. The region recreated by Heketon consists of a continent named Marl. Consisting mainly of vast stretches of Wilderness, with a handful of city-states – including Galitia, Selastos, and Guildsport, among others.

[Nolava is the world of Bloodshadows – that setting, and all sourcebooks for it are usable as presented.] Note: while the Gaunt Man served the Nameless One and The Void, he was not overtly chaotic himself. The forces of Chaos would seem to be Basjas followers. But there are many monsters in the service of Order as well. Basjas is actually planning to use the Oathbreakers as her invasion force – giving them a way to 'escape the Godwar'. When the time is right, they will drop on the Texas Nile realm. Making those who seek to get out of the war, its true soldiers. [The Pulp reality of heroics, where everything is black and white will be consumed by one cast solely in shades of grey.] She will likely seek control of Kefertiri, and eventually do what Dr. Mobius never did.

Nolavan Gospogs will likely resemble Orrorshan versions – though some changes may occur.


I've made an additional work up for Bloodshadows for my campaign. And I think I've answered my own question in the OP.






Before the Godwar, Nolava - also known to some of its inhabitants as Marl - was much like other Cosms. Many civilizations had risen and fallen, some human, some not. Sorcery was an integral part of life. For two thousand years, Magic, Technology, and the Societies built on them grew.

And then the Gaunt Man came. He found many Chaotic (or Corrupt as he termed it) souls who took up his cause. The forces of Order, Stormers fought back, but in the end the Gaunt Man destroyed Nolava, as he had Kantovia and half of Geos before, and hundreds of others since.

But as he had made a prison dimension in the form of Kantovia for Ayroa, and as he recreated a piece of Lerholm for Sabathine later on, so too did he order Heketon to preserve a semblance of Basjas Home Cosm.

In the Nolava that is, only the darkest of creatures - Shifters, Undead, Demons, and the fiercest of Breeds remain. If Fairer creatures once lived, they were slaughtered in the Godwar - as the Gaunt Man's conquest is known on Nolava. Or perhaps, the Gaunt Man simply denied them continued existence in the world he created.

Many cults exist, dating back to the Godwar or before, but as on Geos, the gods themselves are silent, offering nothing in exchange for the worship of their followers. Some speculate that the Gaunt Man shifted the axioms in this manner. But this argument ignores the fact that Lereholm and Kantovia are not so bereft. The turth is simple, after the devastation caused by the Godwar, no one, not even the cultists and high ranking agents of Order and Chaos, wish the gods to take notice of their world again.

On Nolava, nine hundred years have passed since the day the Gaunt Man opened the Maelstrom Bridge to a his next Cosm. Nearly a millenium of relative peace, as cities like Albredura, Dela, Galitia, Guildport, Grand Eaton, Gwalior, and Selastos rebuilt and healed the scars of the war. But there are rumblings that the war is returning to Nolava. Or more accurately, Basjas of the Hellion Court has returned. She has called upon the Forces of Chaos to rally. Thus forcing the agents of Order to call their soldiers back to the battle as well.

But there are some on both sides that do not wish to return to the battle, a new third faction. They are known as the Oathbreakers, and they do not intend to take up the fight again. What they do not know is that they are playing into Basjas' hands. Gates outside Galitia and Gwalior are already connected to Earth. Soon the Oathbreakers, seeking to run away, will bring sufficient numbers to support their reality, and activate Stelae that Heketon has energized.

I'm using the Axioms and World Laws as Apieros defined them. For my purposes, the Alignments (Order, Chaos and Oathbreakers) need to fit in more integrally with the Torg Cosmology. Chaos is Basjas faction, nominally working for her. Though being Chaos, there are doubtless others who intend to replace her. The Oathbreakers are to be her pawns, much like the GM used the Victorians on Earth. Order would appear to be the ally of Storm Knights fighting the High Lords. And they are - in the same way the Race of Tharkold is. So long as the Knights are willing to do what the forces of Order wants, they are allies. The Oathbreakers of course, are going to be a little upset when they learn they were tricked, which could make them allies to the Knights as well. Edited by GreenDragon

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