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DCU -> D6 Powers conversions?

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Are the DCU write-ups for characters usable as-is? I suspect they would need converted, and I was wondering if anyone had started doing that. Also, if any Marvel characters had ever been statted up for D6.

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Jerry created some of the characters using his D6 Powers. I can't find them on this site anymore...must be using the wrong search parameters. Fortunately I had saved them on my computer.



Peter Benjamin Parker

Archetype: Adventurer


Reflexes 10D (Dervish defense), acrobatics 11D, brawling 10D+1,

climbing 11D, contortion 10D+1, Dodge 12D, jumping 10D+1, sneak 11D

Coordination 3D, marksman 4D (+3D specialization with web shooters)

Physique 7D (Extra throwing range), lifting 9D

Presence 3D, charm 3D+1, persuasion 3D+1, willpower 4D

Knowledge 4D, investigation 5D, gadgetry 6D+2, security 5D+1, tech 7D

Perception 3D, artist 3D+1, investigation 4D, search 4D, streetwise 4D

Advantages: Extra Body Points R4, Quick Study R3,

Disadvantages: Ball and Chain R4 (Aunt May), Ball and Chain R4 (Mary

Jane Watson), Enemy: Doctor Octopus (Power level 4, One man,

Uncommon) R6, Secret ID R2,

Powers: Accelerated healing 3, Fast Reaction 4, Detect (Danger) 6,

Super jump 2, Wall Crawling

Move: 10. Strength Damage: 7D. Fate Points: 1. Character Points: 5,

Ka Points: 6, Body Points: 95

Equipment: Web Spinners (Toughness 2D, Entangle 6, Swinging 5, Force

Shield 2, One of a kind, Temperamental R1. Total Cost: 7pts)

Power Level: 4, (173pts)



Norrin Radd

Race: Zenn-La humanoid(but for simplicity sake, today he's Elohim)

Archetype: Icon

Reflexes 4D, dodge 6D, flying 7D, melee combat 5D

Coordination 3D , marksman 5D (marksman ship specialization +3D

Energy Blast)

Physique 11D , stamina 12D

Presence 5D, command6D, persuasion 6D, willpower 7D,

Knowledge 5D tech 8D,

Perception 7D (Eidetic Memory) , investigation 10D(specialization of

finding life force rich worlds +3D), repair 8D, search 8D

Advantages: Efficient Ka (R3), Extra Body Points (R3), Other Worldly

Appearance (R3), Power Minimum (R4) for Ka Manipulation, Cosmic

Awareness, and Energy Blast

Disadvantages: Lethe (R2), Overconfident (R1), Employed (R3) By

Galactus, Ball and Chain (R4) his adopted planet Earth, Cultural

Unfamiliarity (R1)

Powers: Immortality, Body Armor 5, Life Support 20, Energy Blast 7,

Sustenance 10, Energy Absorption 5, Ka Manipulation 15, Cosmic

Awareness (Tracking limited to Planets useable by his master) 20,

Language Comprehension 10,

Equipment: The Surfboard: Toughness 5D, FTL Travel 20, Flight 20,

Super Speed 3, Obvious , One of a Kind, Equipment

Move:10. Strength Damage:2D. Fate Points: 0. Character Points: 5, Ka

Points: 10, Body Points: 85

Power Level: 6 (448 pts, With Surfboard 495 pts)




James Howlett, A.K.A Logan

Archetype: Warrior

Human Mutant

Reflexes 3D, brawling 6D+1 (+3D Specialization with Claws), climbing

4D, Dodge 5D, jumping 4D+1, melee combat 5D, sneak 5D

Coordination 3D, marksman 4D

Physique 3D, swimming 4D

Presence 3D, command 5D, intimidation 6D, persuasion 3D+1, willpower


Knowledge 3D, demolition 4D, languages 5D, navigation 5D, scholar

(eastern culture) 4D, security 5D, tech 5D

Perception 3D, investigation 4D, search 4D, streetwise 4D, survival

6D, tracking 6D

Advantages: Extra Body Points R3, Hard to Kill R3

Disadvantages: Quirk R4 (berserker rage), Enemy (Sabertooth, One man,

Power Level 4, common)

Powers: Combat Sense, Endurance 4, Longevity, Natural Weaponry 7

(Claws, Armor Piercing) Regeneration 9, Super Tracking 3

Move: 10. Strength Damage: 2D. Fate Points: 1. Character Points: 5,

Ka Points: 6, Body Points: 45

Power Level: 4, (189pts)





Hal Jordan

Archetype: Protector


Reflexes 3D, brawling 5D+2, dodge 4D, flying 6D, melee combat 4D

Coordination 3D, marksman 5D (specialization +3D with power ring),

piloting 4D (+3D specialization jets)

Physique 3D,

Presence 5D, command 5D+1, intimidation 5D+1, persuasion 5D+1,

willpower 8D (Specialization +3D with power ring)

Knowledge 3D, gadgetry 4D, languages 4D, navigation 5D, scholar

(sector 2814) 4D, security 5D, tech 5D

Perception 3D, investigation 4D, search 4D, streetwise 3D+1, tracking


Advantages: Authority R3 (Green Lantern), Skill Minimum R4 (command,

persuasion, willpower)

Disadvantages: Employed R2 (Green Lantern), Secret ID R2, Enemy R8

(Sinestro, One man, Power Level 5, common)


The Power Ring

Toughness: 10D, Knowledge: 10D (Know it All)

Powers: Dimensional Shifting 5 (can only travel to Warp Space),

Flight 10, FTL Travel 1, Life Support 10, Force Field 10 (can attack

through, usable on others), Energy Blast 10, Telekinesis 10, Ka

Manipulation 20 (Limitation: only works at a rank equal to the user's

willpower die code, up to the max rank of the power)

Note: All powers have the Signature Effect limitation; all powers

operate with a greenish glow.

Equipment, Obvious, Must be Recharged every 24 hours

Total Point Cost: 261 pts

Move: 10. Strength Damage: 2D. Fate Points: 1. Character Points: 5,

Ka Points:10, Body Points: 35

Power Level: 3 (106 pts) With ring Power Level 5 (367 pts)



Bruce Wayne

Archetype: Dark Avenger


Reflexes 5D, acrobatics 7D, brawling 10D (+3D Specialization when

fighting crowds), climbing 7D, Dodge 9D+2, jumping 5D+1, melee combat

7D, sneak 8D (specialization +2D in Gotham)

Coordination 5D, lock picking 6D, marksman 6D, piloting 6D, sleight

of hand 6D, Throwing 6D (specialization +2D with batarang)

Physique 5D, lifting 8D+2, running 8D, stamina 5D+1, swimming 5D+1

Presence 5D, charm 5D+1, command 5D+1, disguise 6D intimidation 8D,

persuasion 5D+1, willpower 8D

Knowledge 5D, demolition 5D+1, languages 5D+1, navigation 5D+1,

scholar (Gotham Underworld)8D+1, security 8D, tech 8D

Perception 5D, investigation 7D, search 7D, streetwise 7D, survival

6D, tracking 7D

Advantages: Allies R3, Contact R3, Extra Body Points R3, Hard to Kill

R1, laboratory R4, Ominous Demeanor R2, Secret Hideout 15 (multistory

cave, high-tech), Support Staff R7(one man, elite), Skill Minimum R4

(brawl, dodge, melee), Skill Minimum R4 (command, intimidation,

willpower), Skill Minimum R4 (hide, investigation, search)

Disadvantages: Ball and Chain (Robin ) R2, Devotion R3 (protect

Gotham), Secret ID R2, Quirk R3 (Flashbacks to parents death), Enemy

(Joker, One man, Power Level 4, common)




Bat Suit

Armor value: 2D

Reflex Modifier: 0

Gadget modifiers: Armor, obvious

Notes: The cowl, cape and armor worn by the Batman

Point cost: 6 pts



Toughness: 2D

Damage: 2D

Gadget modifiers: Equipment, Obvious

Notes: The Batman's weapon of choice

Point cost: 2 pts


Omni Gadget

Toughness: 1D

Power: Physical, Defensive, and Movement 3

Gadget modifiers: Equipment, Obvious

Notes: The Batman always has the right gadget for the right situation

Point cost: 13 pts



Toughness: 5D

Crew: 2

Passengers: 3

Cargo capacity: 400

Movement: 150 Mph (ground)

Maneuverability: 0

Size: 3

Range: 500 miles

Powers: Amphibious 2, Chameleon 2, Flight 2, Life Support 4, Sonar 4

Gadget modifiers: Vehicle, Obvious, Temperamental 1

Notes: Awesome black car with cool fins

Point cost: 8 pts



Move: 10. Strength Damage: 4D. Fate Points: 1. Character Points: 5,

Ka Points: 10, Body Points: 45

Power Level: 5 (240 pts) With Equipment power level 5 (272 pts)



Ororo Munroe

Race: Mutant Human

Archetype: Protector

Reflexes 3D, brawl 5D, climbing 4D, dodge 5D, flying 7D, sneak 5D

Coordination 3D , lockpicking 5D, marksmanship 5D, piloting 4D,

sleight of hand 5D

Physique 3D , swimming 4D

Presence 4D , charm 5D, intimidation 5D, persuasion 5D

Knowledge 3D , languages 4D, security 4D

Perception 3D , hide 4D, investigation 4D, search 4D

Advantages: Good Looks (R1)

Disadvantages: Devotion R2 (To Charles Xavier's dream), Prejudice R1

(Mutant), Quirk R3 (Claustrophobia),

Powers: Lightning Blast 5, Air Manipulation 4, Weather Manipulation 7,

Move:10. Strength Damage:2D. Fate Points: 1. Character Points: 5, Ka

Points: 8, Body Points: 32

Power Level: 4 (197 points)




This should give you some idea of how to convert from DCU.

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To convert DC Universe Legend characters to Classic D6 : Legend dice 1-7 = Classic dice 1-7; Legend Dice 8-14 = Classic Dice 7-13; Legend Dice 15-21 = Classic Dice 13=19; Legend Dice 22-28 = Classic Dice 19-25; Legend Dice 29-35= Classic Dice 25-31... essentially the first 7 die of both systems are equal. Beyond that however every 7 Legend dice or fraction thereof gains a 1 die penalty. The die that 8,15,22 and 29 die Legend characters lose has never been noticed , nor has it affected play. 

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