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Looks fine on Chrome, but to Grimace's point it really is bad on IE8 - your graphics are overlapping each other and grouping on the left side of the page, instead of being evenly distributed...

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Okay - the CSS is fixed and working for IE9, FF, Safari, and Chrome. I may try to add in handling for IE8 later on today. The problem with IE7 and IE8 renderings is that have issues with handling div's that are embedded or hidden, and so they allow displacement visual elements.


If you don't have the latest browsers, I highly recommend them for rendering purposes and speed. They also tend to have better HTML5 render time overall and work best all the mobile HTML rendering stuff out there. At some point I'll start using the HTML5 boilerplate stuff, but that will take me a day or two to get into place and for the site to be re-styled.


Check out boilerplate here: http://html5boilerplate.com/

Also the CSS Generator grid system: http://960.gs/


At any rate, thanks for the feedback.


- J.

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