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D6 Online 3.0
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Cinema6 Vehicle Template

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Handling Vehicles:

In most cases, vehicles present a unique situation when combined with combat. Most vehicles move at high speeds and do not “get tired”. The following rules help to provide a unique way to determine quickly what happens when the action is fast.


All vehicles have stats associated with them. The four stats we care about are Mobility, Max Speed, Acceleration, and Deceleration. These four stats provide the player with the information needed to roll to control the vehicle when in a combat Sequence, or while under pressure or time constraints, for example: as when a character has a bomb strapped to them and must deliver a package by a certain time or it will explode.

Mobility provides the number of extra dice the player rolls when using a specific vehicle. The Max Speed simply provides informational background on how long it takes the vehicle to go from point A to point B, as well as a ceiling for the vehicle in terms of outrunning a pursuer.


Acceleration is the number of spaces a vehicle moves from a complete stop. After starting to move, the Acceleration multiplies by the number of Sequences the vehicle already moved to determine its current move. For instance: A truck begins moving forward with Acceleration: 10. It begins moving 10 spaces in the first Sequence, in the second Sequence, it moves 10 x 1 or 10 spaces, and in the third Sequence, it moves 10 x 2 or 20 spaces, and so on.


Deceleration, works in a similar, but more abrupt fashion. The intent with deceleration is to stop. From Max Speed, the time it takes to come to a stop suddenly is three combat Sequences, or eighteen (18) seconds. The Deceleration provides the distance the vehicle travels in one Sequence once the vehicle has “slammed on the brakes”. Heavier vehicles have more momentum, so they possess a greater Deceleration value.

In some cases, the terrain may add complications to the Mobility, Acceleration, or Deceleration of a vehicle. Please use the following reference for guidance on how to handle these complications with vehicles on open roads.


Terrain Conditions Mobility Penalty Acceleration Penalty Deceleration Penalty

Paved road Normal - - -

Paved road Wet -3 -1 +3

Paved road Icy -4 -3 +4

Dirt road Normal -1 -1 +1

Dirt road Wet -4 -2 +4

Dirt road Icy -5 -4 +5

Off-road Normal -3 -3 +3

Off-road Wet -7 -4 +6

Off-road Icy -8 -5 +7


Description: [Free Text]


Name: [Free Text]

Type: (Mech/Tram/Carriage/Wagon/Dirigible/AllTerrain)

Length: (Meters)

Weight: (Metric Tons)


Scale: Minor/Personnel/Vehicle/Metro

Crew Required: 1 to Many

Crew Recemmended: 1 to Many

Number of Passengers: 0 to Many

Cargo Capacity: (Metric Tons)


Cost: The standard currency is called Bits, large items are purchased using Kilos (1,000 Bits)


Mobility: 1d-6d

Hit Points: 12 x Structure Dice

Armor Points: 0-12 x Armor Dice

Structure: 1d-6d

Armor: 0-6d

Max Speed: Maximum speed, measured in KM/H

Acceleration: Measured in Spaces (1-60)

Deceleration: Measured in Spaces (1-60)


WEAPONS (if any) 0 - Many


Name: [Free Text]

Scale: Minor/Pesonnel/Vehicle/Metro

Type: Single/Crew-Served (Requires 1 or 2 people)

Fire Control: 0-6d

Damage (Short/Medium/Long):

Short: 3x 1-6

Medium: 3x 1-6 subtract 3

Long: 3x 1-6 subtract 6


Short: 0 to Many

Medium: 0 to Many, Greater than Short

Long: 0 to Many, Greater than Medium

Rate of Fire: Single, Burst, Full Auto

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