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Sylvre Phire

Looking for some feedback

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I'm in the process of starting my own e-publishing company and I'm looking for some feedback about what people would like to see with regard to OpenD6.


One of the first products I'm looking at releasing are illustrated character sheets as part of character folios for OpenD6.


What I'd like to know is what people think of the idea of providing players and GMs with character folios that include illustrated character sheets. Is this something people would buy, expect for free, refuse to buy and if so, why? If you were to purchase the product, what price would you expect to pay?


You can find images of two of the three OpenD6 character sheet designs on my blog


Constructive criticism and comments regarding the designs and idea are welcome both in this thread and on my blog.




Dale Meier

Freestar Games

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First off, good to see you back here and with the promise of future OpenD6 material!


Now, as to your questions:


So the character sheets you had on your site just seemed to be blank, semi-generic sheets for D6 Space and D6 Adventure. Are the "illustrated character sheets" you're referring to actually going to have illustrations of various characters on them? This would be a la Star Wars templates, I'm guessing, in the terms that it would have blank entries for the attributes and open spaces for the skills, but would have an illustration of various types of characters on them. Is this a correct assumption?


Assuming this is what you're talking about, I think that if they are done exceedingly well, I could see a person buying them for a very cheap amount, maybe a buck a sheet at most. When you think that this is basically going to be used in individual gaming groups, there's a preponderance of gamers who simply grab images from online and slap them into blank character sheets already. So charging too much is basically a hinderance towards selling any. Why would someone pay for a template with an illustration of modest quality when they can simply go to Google, type in a particular idea, and get a hundred pictures they can copy and paste on to a blank template and use for free?


So if the art is good, charging a very minor fee, as well as having a variety to choose from, could get you a few sales.


Now, with that said, this is the sort of thing that I think many people would want for free. Me, for example, wouldn't likely purchase many because I'm currently without a steady group. I'm also without a job, so money is beyond extremely tight. I'd rather see something like this offered for free, or at least offered with a product that is purchased (such as being included in a supplement or core book).


One of the other problems that some might have is that the character sheets, while matching the OpenD6 core products of D6 Space, D6 Adventure and D6 Space, might not coincide well with other OpenD6 products. So maybe selling it as an editable PDF with an image, and leaving the attributes as a fillable field so people can put in whatever name they want, and however many they want, is adjustable. I also don't ever use Advantages and Disadvantages, but I do use Special Abilities. So a more malleable character sheet would be much more of an enticing item for me, and probably for others as well.


That way people could patten the sheets after Mini Six, or Cinema6, or Black Desert, or after my work, or on the 3 core books. Whichever one they wanted could be used since the attributes and skills could be edited and changed, but the overall format would always be the same and there'd be (hopefully) nice images for the characters. Now THAT is something I'd put some money towards and I think others might as well. Though I'm not sure how easy something like that would be to create and market.


I'm looking forward to seeing how this all develops, and I'm glad to see you back into the swing of things for the game system. :)


Oh, and check your private messages.

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Thanks for your feedback. Just so you know, I'm going to be doing everything for free. The business license and permit process was too much of a headache. Not to mention the fact that the SBA was a day late and a dollar short getting back to me regarding my help with said process. More later.


Pax et bonum,



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I think a whole host of your products could be packaged in such a way that they could at least become regular submissions, as such, to the d6 Magazine; if you have not considered it? It would be a good thing to have in there, and add a little to it. Grimace and Cheshire are the Editors and can speak more to the potential a character sheet or two might add to the visions they have in mind for the content from issue to issue.


- J.

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I don't know what state or location you are in, but as far as charging money for products and being a business goes, you can typically register a DBA for under $20 or $30 with your local county clerk's office. With that you can open a business account with your local bank and use PayPal as your payment method for products if you choose to sell anything. You would just list all income on a Schedule C when you file your taxes should you make more than $600 in a year. So the start-up as an actual business may not be that bad in your area if your in the states, but you would need to check into that a bit more as time goes along.


As to the product. With great artwork and layout there could be some potential for it but it might work better as a freebie to go along with some other form of product. Now if the fields are all editable and people can go in and change stat names, any listed skills, and type into it themselves as well, it would greatly increase its marketability.


As far as any other product goes, as a fellow pointed out on a blog I read sometime back (sadly I can't remember which one or I would link to the posting) making a niche product you enjoy developing and selling it as PDF and print on demand and you will likely make as much or more than most people who write freelance for game companies. I definitely look forward to seeing what you come up with! :)

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