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@Lee , I've been using that Readme.txt to trouble-shoot. I think my issues is attempting to use a localhost against a public "renderer". I'm in the process of establishing a public site with it all, should know more tonight on it. I'll start PM'ing you and Magman, Grimace about this web technical side of things. IF I could get access to the d6 online site space (its ftp and mysql) I could attempt to install there as well. We'll chat more on that privately.

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Just a short update on the tech side of things, but I've reached a snag on the installation of Mediawiki with it's PediaPress Extension: Collection; which is the basic pdf rendering tool to allow for the user to select articles, add them to a virtual "book" then either force the book to download as pdf or be sent on up to PediaPress for potential printing.


Anyhow, I've contacted their development group and will hopefully setup a meeting with them to figure out why my installations are not working. I've attempted on a localhost (my development pc at my home) as well as a free online php/mysql service here -> http://opend6.comlu.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page

Which I have the MediaWiki install working fine; and the Collections is installed and adds pages fine - but the final rendering against a publicly accessible PDF rendering server which uses a pdf render server called "mwlib" is not working for any combination of Mediawiki and Collection extension combo. Again, I've got some threads out to the developers, and we'll see where that goes. Worst case scenario, I MIGHT be able to kluge something on my end with php pdf libraries. The real question becomes, getting those installed properly (if those APIs are not installed as libraries into the PHP on the isp's server) etc.


Long story short.... its coming along, but slowly. Once the technical side is down and operating, the large chore will be integrating content, which I think we could use a lot of sets of hands doing. I'd like to leave that human resource management to someone else please : as I'd rather concentrate on potential programming hacks if need arises. I'd MUCH rather use the pediapress plugin to mediawiki however, as I do not have a huge amount of spare time to code on the side.


NOTE: PLEASE don't bother registering on that opend6 srd core website wiki yet, as I'm more then more then more then likely to have to reinstall the packages ; likely more then onces as well. I'll give a GREEN LIGHT for people to help add content once all is working and rendering pdfs fine.


NOW, with all this said ; One thing I mentioned privately (I think) to the other folks driving this is, I think such a tool would be made more universal and susbequently more powerful, if it supported ANY OLG1.0a based materials. That includes d20, OpenD6, Legend (Runequest 2 minus Glorantha basically), and many other OGL 1.0a based content. The cool factor of that is that entire communities of role-players could contribute open content to one another; hunting and pecking as smaller optional rules to plug and play into a resulting document. Anyhow, that's the pipe dream now, let's get the pipe cleaner out and clean that down to a working solution and we'll move on from there. Proof of concept time for now.


Peter R.

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