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Uh-oh..the BIG 40!

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Happy birthday man! You have been a great asset to the forum and it has been fun getting to know you through the board. I hope your b-day is a fun one.

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Thanks guys!


I've been having computer problems and it took forever just to get to this site and this thread's quick reply window. But when I saw on Facebook (through the android app on my phone) that Lee and Grimace had wished me Happy Birthday there, I thought I should try to check in here. I've been putting it off but I'm probably going to have to take my computer into the Geek Squad and pay them to diagnos and fix my computer. Bad time of year for this (when I have other people to spend money on). I better not need a new computer because this is only 3 years old!


In other news, I injured my back and had flooding in my basement (thankfully only 1 RPG was slightly damaged, my SW Tales of the Jedi Sourcebook). But I'm almost completely healed, and I am thankful for all the bad things that didn't happen.


Thanks for the birthday wishes. I'll come back to here (and the Rancor Pit) when I can. If not before the holidays, then Happy Holidays to you all, whatever holidays you choose to celebrate!


(Now let's press post and see if my windows doesn't crash.)

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