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D6 Online 3.0
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D6 Online 2.0

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It has been quite a long time since I really posted here so hopefully it will be a welcome sight to see I still exist. I wanted to give an update for the future of the site and my and your involvement with it.


I admit I really haven’t been involved with the site for a really long time. I managed some moderated post and new user request from time to time, but other than that Grimace seemed to the one constant here. And for that, I am very thankful. I also want to thank the other moderators as well. I am not sure how much forum time they are having these days, but am grateful none the less.


So after two years of working full time while getting another degree from college, I am extremely excited to say school is over this week. Almost all of my time has been spent between these two so I pushed the board way behind many other priorities I my life. Well that is going to change and I will be embarking on a new effort to reinvigorate the board and the D6 system.


Grimace actually posed a question recently about the board’s lack of traffic. Reading the post it seems it is a combination of both people taking a break or no interesting topics being discussed. D6 had a handful of people with good intentions (me included) to promote the system but seemed to fade extremely quickly. The D6 magazine, Radio station and my efforts on this board all in the end lost traction and any progress made didn’t help much.


I am going to re-evaluate the board and clean up a lot of fat that seems to be floating about. We have forums that have no post for months now or PBP that seem to have dies a long time ago. So I am going to do an overhaul of the content and topics here. So not is the time to speak up and let me know why a dead forum you like needs to stay. I am going to give an update of which forums are going to be terminated by next Sunday (Dec 4th). I will list them out and then will make the changes on the following Sunday (Dec 11th). So I am giving the community one week to speak their mind and convince me why the selected forums should stay.


I will also be reaching out to the developers of any RPG. I want to have a committee working in a private forum to discuss the process of designing a game. I am going to start from scratch but continue where Eric Gibson left off with the idea of D6 online. A single place where the various D6 rule sets can be discussed, amended, re-created and assembled at will by the user. But in order to do so, I need to understand how those designing games already work from day to day. As most probably simply wing projects together, that isn’t what I am looking for. Simply throwing things together in an unorganized manner isn’t a creditable method for success. I am looking to streamline a universal approach that will appeal to everyone – amateur and professional.


When I first created this site I had perhaps too grand ideas for the average user. I had all these elaborate services that simple were overkill for what the site was at the time. I am not looking to make that mistake again with my D6 Online 2.0 project. I do see the need of better organization and a complete revamping of how we as a community handle the future of the D6 system. The reason why there isn’t any real traffic for D6 is there is no guidance for the system. A system is only as popular as the community that follows it. I will supply the tools the system needs to grow and the community’s job is to supply the content for the community to grow.

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I hope you do not kill threads entirely but put them into an archive so they are still accessible. Especially the High Lords game is at my heart, as I hope there could someday be another one and the ideas and storys in there are more than just in-game talk.

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When it comes to game development, we have Cinema6 modularized into logically separated objects, which I think could be organized easily into a series of branches off of a trunk.


The trunk being where "every" character has everything in common: (example)

Character: Name, Description, Attributes, Skills, Possessions, OptionalItems, Condition


Then branches can exist of this basic formula: (examples)

Description: Type, Height, Weight, Race, Gender

Description: Size, Species, Gender


Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Technical, Mechanical, Perception, Knowledge

Attributes: Strength, Coordination, Knowledge, Technical, Perception

Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intellect, Aptitude, Persona


Condition: Hit Points

Condition: Health


Structuring this programmatically, or in a database in an abstract enough way to electronically allow contributors and consumers to get in there would simply need the ability to allow for some flexibility within the limitations of the d6 rules set.


The basic game mechanics can also adhere to a similar structure, basic rolling of a d6, picking the number of difficulty levels, the number needed to achieve success in each difficulty level, whether or not wild dice are used, etcetera. The complication is in trying to coalesce the differences between the various systems. I would see that as the last task in the process, and likely the one that will require the most planning time, implementation time, and testing time. The more loosely coupled and flexible a system means to provide, the more details of elements that can fail.


For a common user, it would be better to make a series of "game system templates" that already have a lot of this sorted out, and then a user tweaks things as desired. For a developer, this will quickly become an extremely large scope. There is a lot of exciting potential in d6 gaming, especially since it continues to so quickly evolve. I look forward to all the new site/community changes!


I need to get myself in gear with issue 3 of the magazine. As a note, issue 1 and 2 were downloaded around 607 times from DriveThruRPG.com and affiliates, and around 20,000 times from d6magazine.com, (with at least 5,000 unique download URLs). Its good stuff - and has definitely generated buzz around OpenD6.





- Jeremy

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Jeremy, I appreciate the post and welcome your input once I setup the new forum layout in the next week or so. As mentioned, I would like a small group of game developers in their own closed forum to discuss the process by which they design their games. I am looking for find commonality and efficiency in game design to have a workable model to start my build. At the same time, since there are various rule versions, I would like to also breakdown a system for revision, changing and creating new rules in a user friendly portal.


But I do not want to over kill this topic right now, but rather wait till I do the maintenance to the boards first.


And for all those involved in the D6 magazine, a very big thank you!

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