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Copyrights and Company Name

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How do I go about copyrighting my game? Also, if I'm publishing it via print-on-demand, I am not the publisher, correct?


But what if I want to use a "company name"? Like, if WotC didn't publish it's own material, but had a print-on-demand company publish it, would they still slap WotC on the cover?

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There are varying degrees of Print on Demand services.


Typically you are given the option to call them the publisher or call yourself the publisher. Just because a company has a printing press, it doesn't make them the publisher. The publisher is the organization that possesses the publishing and copyright (and reproduction rights and ability to give permission for such based on ownership).


Copyrights tend to be an area where it is easy to "get protection". If you want to go trhough the official process, check out the copyright process online. They normally run around $20.00 if you don't make mistakes in your forms. However, you can have a blog these days and just because you put it online (and hopefuly didn't plagiarize) you are automatically protected, to some extent, under copyright law. If you are looking for protection under trademarks, you can always research the patents and trademarks office online. The protections under the PTO are very different than copyright protection.

- J.

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