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Jerry D. Grayson

Gods, Dominions, and Aspects. Godsend Agenda mythology,

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I need help with something Im planning for a new GODSEND Agenda game.


I need help codifying the different generic gods and their areas of expertise. I want a generic way to present gods so that a player can pick from a category and build from there


Dominion-what the god typically rules over. Some gods will have overlap and others may need to be combined.


Aspect- When the god takes on his full power what aspects show through the strongest.

Example: A sky god may gather clouds around him, or a death god may leave bloody footprints where he walks. When I fire god calls on his full power or walks into a room does it get stuffy? Do nearby flammables catch and burn?

Players would be able to embellish from here but I want a basic guideline for them to follow


What I need help on is what aspects and domains the gods would have.


Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


Sky God

Dominion- the Sky, thunder, rain, storms, light

Aspect- Lightning, strong wind


Earth God

Dominion- the earth, fertility, crops, plants

Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling


Fire God

Dominion- fire, blacksmithing, the home, health, light

Aspect- burning, soot, heat


Water God

Dominion- the sea, rivers, lakes

Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling


Trickster God

Dominion- guile, speed, thievery, money/materials goods, trade

Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling


Animal God

Dominion- animals, hunting, tracking, healing


War God

Dominion- war, combat, competition, anger, blood


Love God

Dominion- lovers, deception, beguiling, children


Fertility God

Dominion- the home, women, crops, harvest, food


Death God

Dominion- the underworld, death, life, resurrection, plague, sickness, shadow, sleep


Magic God

Dominion- reasoning thought, mathematics, creativity, music, artistry,


Sun God

Dominion- the sun, light, healing, excellence,


Moon God

Dominion- madness, secrets, evasion, prophecy, sleep, shadows

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Interesting topic, Jerry. Just for clarification, are you stating that you are devising a system for GA GMs to be able to create their own pantheon of deities from an existing framework of archetype details?

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Nope, those systems already exist in GODSEND Agenda: Mythos although I will definitely revamp them . In Mythos it has rules for symbols, and pantheon but they aren’t as robust as I will make them later


What I’m doing is changing fundamentally the way the game works with every hero in the game picking a archetypical god type to help focus roleplaying. It would also be tied to the wild die in such a way that if you roll badly a lot then you take on the aspects


So if you a super human whose archetype is Sky god when you roll can accrue enough bad points you take on the bad aspects of the archetype.


(less control of powers)Bad Aspects –OOOOOoOOOO-Good Aspects (expanded power effects)


Think of it as sort of a limit break in Exalted



The Godly Achetypes don’t mean that your character is actually a sky god just that’s the closest axchetype to the hero.


Superman=Sky god

Batman=God of Underworld

Aquaman=Sea god

Green Lantern= Magic god

Flash=Messenger god



In GODSEND Agenda the powers all come from one unified source and once they go out of control their will be some elements that are a constant

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Gotcha. My first post was on a break during work, but I was planning on getting out the Mythos book tonight because I had thought you had that covered. The PCs taking on aspects of the gods is interesting too.


I'll take a look at some of my mythological resources and see if I can come up with any archetypes, aspects or domains you haven't already covered.


Superman=Sky god

Batman=God of Underworld

Aquaman=Sea god

Green Lantern= Magic god

Flash=Messenger god


Wow, reading that brings back some memories, but of something that is somewhat a reversal of your idea. In 1986-87 (high school), I had created an original (largely derivitive) fantasy world that I intended to be the setting of my a big AD&D campaign, and the pantheon of deities I created were inspired by iconic DC superheroes. Add Wonder Woman to your above list and that was the basis of the 6 greatest deities in my pantheon (the patron deities of the 6 great cities in my world).


And inspired by Crisis on Infinite Earths, I even dreamed up a backstory in which all of history's pantheons of deities were involved in a cosmic conflict that sent them back to the dawn of time in a pan-pantheon ragnarok which destroyed the previous world and most of the deities, but the few survivors of the epic battle from all the pantheons came together and formed a new combo-pantheon and the new world to be the setting for my game. The combo-pantheon was the previous generation of gods that begat the current generation that was based on the DC heroes.


Then WEG's Star Wars RPG 1E came out, and I abandoned my fantasy world and running D&D forever. And I have no regrets about that.

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