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General q's about D6 Magazine....

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Just a couple of q's for the masters here,


1) Do you have a list of themes for the magazine for future issues?


2) What kind of material are you looking for? (I know, a loaded and very general question...)


3) format?





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No - the themes are typically decided upon after some communication between potential contributors. The handful of themes being tossed around right now for the next issue (#4) are "Anime", "Future Post Apocalyptic", and "Film Noire".


2 and 3)

If you don't mind reviewing the Submission Guidelines, I find it will answer most of the material and various format questions you might have. The Submission Guidelines are here: http://d6magazine.com/?page_id=24




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Cheshire: Those are the suggestions received from others via email thus far, I was going to send on out a questionnaire of sorts in FB and here to find once I figured the number of suggestions was good. Got any thoughts on the subject?

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