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Issue 4 - Initial List

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Hey. Just to keep the ball rolling, I plan at least to start off with the following for Issue #4:


- Finish Random Character Generator 1.0, with support for D6 Fantasy, D6 Adventure, D6 Space. (Java Application)

- Write small how-to for the D6 Magazine, where the download links will be revealed as well.

- OPTIONAL - Time pemitting, create an Azamar plug-in for the Open D6 Random Character Generator.


- Write up several sample Tag Teams, with art work for them, for use with Tag Team D6. Just some light frothy fun here.


- At least 1 fantasy creature.

- At least 1 fantasy faction.

- One article with city kit materials for a fantasy world. (just some basics for use in quick city making for D6 Fantasy use. Lots of lists of random tables of potential RP provoking materials for GMs.


To start things off... :)


The assumption being, release for Issue 4 will be around the New Year.


And I don't want to commit to more then the above until its all done, including art for each. I hope to ask Hisham to review my art, and offer suggestions throughout. I really want to FORCE myself to do more art, and kick it up a level. It will be basic line art, black and white for starters.


Feel free to piggy back off this thread with your own additions.

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