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August 27th 8PM Eastern Time, BBCAmerica -- New episodes of Doctor Who

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Set your alarm clocks and order BBCA from your cable company (or just get "Direct TV" satellite service) and see the Doctor get even scarier than he was in (the first half of?) Season 6.




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How many out there saw the terrifying season finale?

The Doctor escaped an INESCAPABLE DEATH, with a newfound mission to "be less blatant" in his travels through history.

Plus, a revelation that the Doctor's NAME might be a crucial reveal next season -- it is somehow insinuated that it has been a vital part of the meta-story since 1963

"Doctor Who?" with the question mark has in fact supposedly been a driving point of the title and referenced even in certain older stories with characters wonder who he really was. This grand reveal might truly be Earth shattering, as some great war on some plains or other will force the reveal upon which will hinge some multi-dimensional cataclysm affecting all time and space.

The Doctor also only has his current 11th incarnation plus his 12th and 13th remaining, thus the series may eventually reach an inevitable conclusion OR a story will extend the lives beyond 13.

Either way, fans of the show may find the next season unmissable AND unwatchable -- knowing "THE SECRET" may change EVERYTHING.

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