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"Pick-up" Azamar anyone?

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Hey. I'm keen on trying out Azamar, as I like the setting a great deal. I was thinking of something along these lines, if anyone is game. I show up a couple (perhaps up to 4 or so) late Saturday nights Eastern US Time, and I have 6 pre-made characters for your chosing. (I'd post them prior so folks can pre-pick a few in their heads). I'd then assign a number randomly for order of picking. Then in that order, you select a character right on the spot. Just some light action role-playing, but of course I'd put in a good amount of effort to supply a back-story and side-stories to follow suit as it progress. Initial commital: 4 Saturdays, 10PM through 12:30ishAM , Eastern US Time Zone. Meeting in the CHAT ROOM here, but I'd have a backup skype plan in place as well. Anyone WANTING to partake should make sure they have skype running properly before partaking. Even if only a couple people show (let's say 2 minimum players) then we'd play and I'd NPC the others characters of side-track them.


Anyhow, that's the plan. Any takers?? just show up NEXT Saturday night August 27th, around 10PM Eastern. The first night or two may be a little sloppy, just a fore-warning.


This is two birds one stone : Look at it as a DEMO of AZAMAR, but also a light n' frothy, happy go lucky, seat of your pants improv RPG session. I'd rather folks bring their comedy improv hats if not their sharpened short swords..... while not completely jumping the shark of course into anarchy.

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To give me more time to work on a short story-line, as opposed to rolling up the chars, we'll utilize the pre-made characters in the Broken Wand scenario, as presented in D6 Magazine - Issue #2. There are a few additional pre-made characters in the full Azamar core book, which I'll also have on hand in case we get down to picking and someone just does not like what is left for them to chose from. Anyhow, the intent here will be for a short module, similar in length to the one in Issue#2 of D6 Magazine. I'll have an 'extra' module fleshed out in case things go quickly and we need another hour's time of play. Again, think of it as an Azamar demo, but a time to just get in some fun, easy-going opend6 inspired play-time.

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