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D6 Online 3.0
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janus methedor

D6 Powers, making a Teleporter

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Hi. I've been trying to make a Teleporter with a 2mi range within 150 points (Power 3 I think).This is in addition to a 26 point bundle of other powers. I just want to make sure there isn't anything I'm missing. (I'm seeing if a player could acomplish their concept within the allotted points)


The Enhancement for range says "double the range". I take it that this is not Exponential. so a Range 11 [+32 per Rank] would be Range X 22 not Range X 1,024?


And the per Rank is just that so as in the above example Range +32/Rnk +6 Teleport/Rnk would be be "Enhanced Teleport" 38/Rnk and be decreased by limitations from there?


I've been raking my brain for a while on this and I might just have to resign myself to changing the PC point total or changing the Range on the power.


Thanks in Advance.

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Hello Janus


Lets take a look and see what we can do


2 mi. = 3.21868 km


Remember that movement powers have a base range which is multiplied by how fast you want to get there


Double movement, triple, and quadruple, each with an added difficulty as a movement action.


Teleport rank 5 cost 30pts

  • Normal range 150
  • Double movement 300m
  • Triple movement 450m
  • Quadruple movement 600m



Teleport Rank 5 (extended range x4) cost 50pts

If you added Extended Range +4 per rank (20 additional point to the cost), you’ve increased the ranged by x4

  • Normal range 600m
  • Double movement 1.2km
  • Triple movement 1.8km
  • Quadruple movement 2.4km




Teleport Rank 5 (extended range x10) cost 55pts

  • Normal range 1.5km
  • Double movement 3km (2 miles, Yay!)
  • Triple movement 4.5km
  • Quadruple movement 6km (over 3 miles)


I hope I answered your question and if not let me know and I’ll try and help further:)

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