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zack zenobi

Post War Scenario

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I have seen through the years a few GM's say they are running a Post War Campaign. I think this could be very interesting. But before you do that, you have to end the war. My problem with war's End was that it was a little too " deus ex machina" for me. It seemed like there could be a better way to do it where the characters are not just along for the ride.


Personally I love Omni Games Products theory of "Burned-out Stelae Zones". To recap, the idea was that after 5 years a Stelae zone could no longer provide possibility energy for the Darkness Device but at the same time the invading reality would now be "Burned into " the ground. You can rip up the stelae without fear of killing anyone, but the reality of the Nile Empire would still be alive and well in Cairo. I think this makes for an excellent Post War Scenario.


The Darkness Devices have all been vanquished and so there are no more invading realities attemping to expend. But like any other major war in Earth's history, there are lasting ramifications; now the areas that were initially invaded and held for 5 years, are Pure Zones of that invading reality. There is plenty of adventure to be had. The agents of Corruption are always plotting in the Realm of Aysle, the forces of Evil are cackling in Cairo, there are still heretics to be rescued from the Cybernetic Inquisition, people still guides who are willing to brave the deep mist, the Rauru Block still needs people it can trust to provide run ops for them, and people all over the world need brave souls to defend them from that which goes bump in the night.


The big question here is, what are some ways to get rid of Darkness Devices? Because if you just rip up the stelae and send it back home, it is still a threat to its home Cosm inhabitants.


The first thing that comes to mind is Gating it into the Sun.


Any other ideas?

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My plans involve the fact that the High Lords are gone (or so the Mystery Men think in one case). The Darkness Devices are nowhere to be seen, and for the governments of the world - who never quite believed in unspeakable evils from the dawn of time - the threat is over. But they aren't gone, just hiding. Waiting for suitable candidates from their chosen reality to emerge.

Whether the new High Lords will renew the invasion of Earth, or seek easier prey remains to be seen.


And then there is Heketon...

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now the areas that were initially invaded and held for 5 years, are Pure Zones of that invading reality.




I'd change that in a heartbeat to a mixed zone instead.

Maybe permanently dominent in the invading reality, perhaps.

Just not PURE.

Must spend a PE Point every 15 minutes to create a reality bubble, etc?

Just a bit too much.

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I've been recently thinking of a '60-'70s-era Terra game as a post-War scenario, since the . While most Terrans have no idea of the Multiverse, Core Earthers, either immigrants from the Nile Empire or interlopers have intervened in Terra in the post-Possibility War, causing Terra's version of the United Nations forming a SHIELD-like or UNCLE-like special unit (I'm leaning right now toward UNEDIT - United Nations Extra-Dimensional Intervention Taskforce). Dr. Mobius returns to Terra, preferring now to work more in the shadows via a terrorist network (I was going to call them SPHINX, but I'm leaning more to SEBEK). Wu Han returns as well, overthrowing Mao and taking over Communist Party in China (mostly because I wanted a Communist-themed secret organization as well as an apolitical one). Super-Science replaces Weird Science, and through Super-Science, stuff like artificial intelligence, autonomous robots, and "Six Million Dollar Man" bionics are capable of being made as Gadgets.


I'm not sure what to do with the Masked Avenger/Mystery Man type character, if they're still around, if they're restricted by something like the Watchmen's Keene Act, or if they evolve into '60s-70s archetypes like Super-Spies or even '80s-style action-adventure TV characters like the A-Team or Michael Knight of Knight Rider.

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The laws in the US circa '38 weren't much different from the Keene Act iirc. Mystery Men operated outside the law (unlike Adam West's Batman). Suggestion: EDIT, leave the UN unsaid. Also, Wu could be head of a new Dynasty rather than the PRC, same result.

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Here is what I wrote about 10 years ago. Today I have different ideas but have no time to write them down now.


How it came to be


When the Gaunt Man ripped the accumulated Possibility Energy from the Darkness Devices and was torn apart by the Possibilities of the Sword of Apeiros a wave of raw Poss hit the earth. This made it – ahm – possible that earth could cope with all the different realms.


Meaning all realities that had a realm on earth are now accepted by the planet. The borders are no longer checked by reality storms but the impact was so hard that great faults in the earth opened where the borders were (called the chasms) that are difficult to cross. The earthquakes hit nearly every part of the world causing massive destruction. Added to that all communication lines burned out.


But one way of communication still exists, the Matrix or Grid or God-Net or Internet. Any computer from Cyberpapacy to Core Earth may now access this Net (as Core Earth now accepts all realities and the God-Net itself is some kind of Mini-cosm) though each variety has its own realm in this Mini-cosm (actually this only means the addition of the Internet to the Net-cosm). Users even need no provider as the uplink is made by using the reality skill.


With so many Poss flying around, the people (or other creatures) on earth got filled with new Possibilities. This means there are no Ords on Earth anymore, everyone formerly an Ord now has from 1 to 3 Poss. Yep, this means people can visit any realm and even other cosms (remember even if someone spends his last Poss he still remains Poss-rated). A flip-side to that coin is that excess-Poss is sucked away by the earth. Everyone with more than 10 Poss loses the surplus to the earth when he crosses a chasm (the former boundaries still hold some power). This cap is meant to balance the game as PCs with too much Poss can accomplish nearly everything and spoil the fun for everyone. So the players are forced to spend their excess Poss on skills before they cross a border.


When it was obvious that war was over, some countries tried to settle old scores. But when an African army tried to invade Sudan, the whole world realized that the danger of reality storms is not over. It seems that when a great number of people is in a foreign realm they risk transformation or even destruction.


Though there is few open warfare, the world is busy with undercover action and espionage where some former Storm Knight war heroes have become rather shady but well-paid figures. This has gone so far that personal management agencies are supplying specialists for “unusual solutions”.


But there is still lots of work to be done for honourable heroes. In most realms the high lords’ minions have gone into hiding and are still planning to take over the world or rule their own fiefdoms.


State of the realms:

AYSLE: In England Light rules while most of the Dark creatures have fled to Scotland. Scandinavia has become the battleground for the Norse Gods.

CYBERFRANCE: The Cyberpope has gone mad, his followers fight a terrorist war and profit rules.

DELPHI COUNCIL: Spartans don’t like being put out of power so they now side with strange allies.

LAND ABOVE: The Pyrians side with the Leopard men. Engineering gets more powerful. Mountaineers are in high demand.

LIVING LAND: Edeinos fight Werewolves and Demons. Maybe the lizards aren’t that bad.

NILE EMPIRE: The good have won but evil is still everywhere. Some cities are ruled by the mob and Wu-Han plans to take over the world.

NIPPON TECH: Better tech more profit and Kanawa out of the picture. Without a leader the companies fight against each other.

ORRORSH: Victory to Victorians but the Gaunt Man’s shadow lurks in their dreams. A new approach to horror makes information the weapon of choice.

SPACE GODS: The Akashans are gone… most of them. Artifacts and client races remain, and of course the Comaghaz virus.

THARKHOLD: The demons lost their cyberware but now they lurk everywhere. The Renaissance turns from ally to enemy.

CORE EARTH: The earth is in turmoil as the common enemies have gone. Old scores are settled with war in Africa, South America, Asia and the Balcans.

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There is a lot more but most I have only written in german and not translated to english. But I still had a text about economy lying around:


The corporate dust has not settled by now but some companies have obviously come out as top players:

Rauru Inc. (having changed from a coalition of Nippon opposition firms to a real corporation),

Hachiman Inc.: no longer just an arms dealer, Hachiman grapped most of the dissipating Kanawa Empire,

Shori Investments: a subsidary of Shori Petroleums that stepped in from Marketplace after Kanawa fled the war and supplied the Earth with much needed power and food while bying out numerous companies in Core Earth and the realms,

France Industries: former God’s Word Industries after its fusion with MediCo it got rich by supplying medicine shortly after the big bang and used the income to refit its facilities for production of heavy machinery of any needed Tech rate,

Bankhaus Melzer & Schümli: the banking arm of the Gnomes of Zürich, the worlds foremost financer and stock holder to many of the former industrial giants that got indepted by the war,

Future Investments: how could some London dwarfs armed with divination spells make a fortune? Well it seems obvious. Future Investments has access to the Net via an intradimensional gates spell. They modeled their own part of the Net into an underground fortress, which they use as a staging point for corporate raids. Their manipulations are feared in the corporate boardrooms all over the world.

Biogenetics, Houston: this company is a bit of a mistery. Though it holds a few biotech-patents – presumably of Akkashan design – this could not be the sole source of the immense wealth with which they bought out many American and European companies,

Foster Housing Inc.: what do you need after such a Big Bang? Houses. And what do you need to build many houses? A makermod. That’s exactly what millionaire Gerald Foster III realized. So he bought a large quantity of stolen bioweapons to bargain with the Tharkold resistance for some industrial makermods complete with synthecyclers and UltraCAD-Programs for building houses or so the story goes. What he did may not be legal but who cares in these times? By now Gerald Foster III is one of the richest men in the world and has bought out a lot of American companies,

Hamaro: Süleyman Harkan, Marakesh, main supplier of raw materials including oil, supposedely backed by hidden coffers of the former Pharao and some Egyptian gangs.


There is some kind of hidden war going on between those corps over resources, consumers, influence and merchandise and all of them took lessons from Kanawa’s book. But they prefer this war to remain hidden so they rather hire Stormers to do their dirty work than risking their PR-face or falling out of grace with any nation (in case the nations might get stronger some day).


In the first years after the war, the market had some kind of grab-and-go mentality. This is beginning to change, the claims are staked out and the market is beginning to settle. But this by no way means the market war is over – it has just gone secret.

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I also found this one about Aysle from back then:




The legacy of the Warrior of the Dark


The former High Lord opened a can of worms that now threatens all of Aysle. When she invited the Norse Giants to join her fight, she opened an extradimensional gate into their world. First the gate was well hidden but the warrior did not take into account, that this world is home to Loki the trickster who is on quite good terms with the giants. Loki, an accomplished magician himself, devised a spell to bring his world Asgard closer to Aysle. Now there are some open gates which work both ways and brought some creatures and occasionally even gods to Aysle. Thus the body of the Midgard serpent, which is said to coil around the whole world, is sometimes seen in the ocean around Scandinavia. The Norse gods are by no means a boon for the honourable forces in Aysle (nor the evil ones) as they consider mortals other than heroes as close to ants. If they get between the fighting forces of Gods and Giants it is their problem.


Another story are heroes in the Norse mythos. When a character dies who fought many battles against strong enemies, he is instantly picked up by a Valkyrie (not only his soul, his whole body is fetched away by a female warrior on a winged steed). The hero is then chosen by one of the Gods to sit in his hall in Walhalla. There a banquet is provided for all the heroes each day but before they may feast they have to fight each other or the heroes of the other halls. Those who die in these battles are revived for the banquet. Not a way most people want to spend their afterlife. But as there are many gates to Aysle, the dead hero may come back until a Valkyrie is sent to fetch him again. The only way to avoid that fate is to fight the Valkyrie.

Valkyrie: STR 16, DEX 20, TOU 18, PER 20, CHA 13, MIN 10, SPI 11, melee weapons 25, missile weapons 23, dodge 22, riding (winged steed) 24, find (spec: hero) 26, intimidation 16, reality 14, sword (STR+10 /26), plate mail (TOU+10/28), long bow (STR+8/24)

OK, they are tough, but they are known as the finest warriors and after all Valkyries are messengers of the Gods (and they don’t have poss that should make it a little bit easier).


State of the realm


Her experience with the Nameless One has made Pella Ardinay a reckless fighter against evil. Sometimes she is so harsh on corrupted persons that Tolwyn often fears the Lady of the Light may still be tainted by evil. Ardinay has declared open war on any creature of evil be it human, elf, half-folk or even dragon. Thus she has in fact stirred a new civil war as many enemies that might have surrendered have no choice but to fight back. Especially half-folk are ruthlessly hunted down as Ardinay has declared all of them to be on the side of the dark.


As only the Draconis Aysle and the Draconis Crotalaria are considered honourable dragons all other dragon subspecies are viciously hunted down and do in turn strike back with a vengeance. This has led to some interesting and disturbing discoveries: the dragons encountered thus far were only young siblings. There are much stronger and more intelligent members of every dragon subspecies that no longer chose to remain hidden. Those dragons are obviously more intelligent than most humans and capable of throwing spells even the accomplished mages do not know. Fortunately there seems to be only a handful of these dragons. (Give the elder dragons any skill you like to, they are not meant as opponents but to remind the players that there are still some forces around they better not mess with). Some people even believe the dragons are manipulating events in Aysle or maybe the whole world behind the curtains.


As far as most people know, the leader of the dark troops is Wotan of the Wild Hunt. He led the forces of evil into a kind of guerrila war, which has inhibited any decisive victory by the light in the last five years. Thus most of the English part of the realm has changed to Light but nowhere over 20 (except Oxford which is Light 25) as the Dark hides nearly everywhere. On the other hand the Norse God – Giant war keeps the army of the light from making inroads into Scandinavia. Meanwhile, on the ocean corsairs and vikings fight a battle over who may raid the merchant vessels.


The Mercantile factor


As conjuration (entity) ist the money standard in Aysle, the realm and cosm now face serious financial problems. Since the end of the war, the number of conjurers with the knowledge of entity has dramatically increased. During the war they fought on the front line and many of them died, now there is not only a significant higher percentage that survive but also an influx of students from other realms. The result is inflation. Conjurers are working for ridiculous low fees just to pay their rent (or better pay for the magic equipment). Thus a new economic standard is emerging: iron. As every sword and armor and many equipment is made of iron, it is in high demand. This demand is met almost exclusively by freetraders who deal with suppliers in continental europe. They not only face the hazards of the chasms but also corsairs, vikings and french pirates.

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Then there also is the Nile Empire though there is not much that could be done better in the background as it already was. It was more an excercise in keeping the tone of this realm while all the realms around it have changed and Mobius is gone.


Nile Empire


Finally the good have won. Pharao Mobius fled his throne and Wu Han followed him. Though they may be out there somewhere, brooding over evil plans to take over the world, the realm is free from them by now. But that does not mean all is well in the realm.


The Mob


After Wu Han left Cairo, a Mob war started that is still brewing. The city is divided into the fractions of Alfred “Big Al” Budinsky and Alif “Mad Dog” Bayan with Georgius “The Butcher” Papandreou caught in between. Shortly after the war ended Big Al moved in from Sicily with all the experience and funding of his “family” backing him who soon chopped away portions of the market from Mad Dog. Soon he controlled nearly the whole east side of Cairo. While Mad Dog was busy fighting for control of Big Al’s share, the Butcher, a former smuggler from Crete, quietly assumed control over the center. Thus, for Mad Dog only the west side remained. Some kind of truce exists now between the three Mobsters as anyone who steps over an invisible line will simultanousely be attacked by his two opponents. But that does not mean Cairo is peaceful. As far as they can get away with, the mobsters kill each other whenever they have a chance to. Mostly, the mob war is felt by small business people as all fractions run protection rackets. Another hot business is the still profitable smuggling of alcohol.


The New Order


In a very difficult election the diverse peoples of the Nile Empire managed to elect a democratic government. But in order to keep peace they had to agree to some compromise. In the ruling body, the senate, no party has absolute power, the biggest being the Islamic Foundation and the Democratic Arabian Party. Together they formed a coalition while the Egyptian Legion, the Sunni Party and the Nile Communist Party remained in opposition. In order to prevent the islamists from enacting the Sharia as common law, the DAP had to make some concessions to islamic tradition, including the ban on alcohol.

This prohibition led to smuggling and to a healthy income for the Mob.


The Heroes


Though most of the Mystery Men have gone back to Terra, heroes native to the Nile still remain. Most of them are illegal as the government has declared that only heroes with an official police badge are sanctioned. Those badges are only commissioned after some deep interrogation in which the hero has to answer some very personal questions. All the actions the hero has taken in the past are scrutinized.


The Villains


Naturally they are outlawed, most of them. In fact, some villains managed to get a badge and are showing the public face of a good soldier for the state while performing their crimes. It is said that the outlawed villains are backed by a mysterious financer who also supplies them with lots of weird science devices. This mysterious backer has developed or brought from Terra the knowledge of gadgets.



The Gates


No cosm has that many gates to other cosms or mini-cosms as the Nile Empire. Sometimes it seems you can’t stumble into a grotto without crossing a realm boundary. But those gates seem to be linked with the Nile world laws as one can only cross the cosm-border under dramatic circumstances. This prohibits that caves may be used on a regular basis.

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Looks as if I had translated more than I remembered. I found another one about Tharkold and one about Orrorsh.




When it became obvious, that the High Lords were gone, the baptist TV preacher James B. Hardigan developed the idea of a grand mass broadcasted via Internet and TV and attended by believers of all churches. His intention was to destroy the Tharkoldu demons with a miracle. Hardigan’s idea was accepted by most of the bigger churches and cults, even buddhist monks in Nippon, Cyberpriests and Muslims in the Nile attended (the latter via radio).


Thus the miracle had about 500 Million attendees all over the world and was thus probably the biggest miracle ever performed. The leading priests of all major cults held their mass following an improvised ocomenic ritus in a Quebec chapel broadcasted via TV, Internet and radio while at the same time in churches all over the world the believers held their own rituals, thus even Aylish people attended. The miracle was successful though it did not destroy the whole race of Tharkoldu demons. Instead the miracle severed the demons’ connection to their cyberware.


As the Tharkoldu rely heavily on their ‘ware to circumvent the wasting disease (due to the low magic Axiom) about 70% of the demons died instantly. The remainders ripped out the now non-function ‘ware and try since to survive one way or the other. Some fled to Aysle, the Nile or the Cyberpapacy, others tried every trick to transform and some even fled into the Living Land were they invoked the Law of Dominance over the Spiritual Axiom. Thus, they do no longer need a high Magic Axiom to survive but use a high Spirit Axiom instead.


Today you can find Tharkoldu demons (without cyberware) in any corner of the world and some backwater cities suffer from a mysterious murder spree. The homeless demons are desparate and nothing is deadlier than a cornered demon. And, naturally, most of the surviving demons are alphas, great alphas and princes.


State of realm and cosm


In the cosm even more demons died, while some escaped to Earth. Thus, the race now rules in Tharkold. Having won the eon-old war the race are now determined to kill the demons up to the last one. With that intention they swept down to earth without consulting any natives. Race soldiers are so fanatic, that they not only kill every demon but anyone they suspect of having demon-ties or who just stand in the way.


LA and Berlin


The two techno-cities are still under Tharkoldu axioms, but with the demons gone, the Race rules. In some neighbourhoods the police has regained control while in others cybered punks or race soldiers fight about every corner.


In Berlin costumed heroes have formed the so-called Stadtwache, a call-a-hero system. They offer a Telephone number where citizens can call help when they are attacked. In Underground stations the call-a-police stations are linked to that line. But with a steady influx of race soldiers from the cosm, they are constantly loosing ground.

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Just looked over the thread from 2008 where I posted my version of Orrorsh, which is here, I realized that I did not put in the post-war version (sorry it is even longer than the other texts, I have to put it in two posts):




The Gaunt Man is gone. Is he?


After the disintegration of his meat body the Gaunt Man’s spirit was torn between the Power of the Nameless One, the power of Apeiros and the Waiting Village. Persistent as the Gaunt Man is, he managed to cling to his Spirit but found no way back into the meat world. The access through the Waiting Village would have been an option but he didn’t want to be slave to another’s power (see below). So he held on to his Spirit by sheer willpower.


After a search that took him three mind-shattering years the Gaunt Man found what he was looking for all the time: an access to the Dream Time. His spirit considerably weakened, he entered the realm of the Spirits and was instantly rejected by its residents.


But he wouldn’t be the master of evil he is, if he let himself be forced out. He managed to recruit some malevolent Spirits in the Dream Time which carved out a small portion of the realm for him. There, being kept in constant warfare with the Ancestor Spirits, the Gaunt Man now rules again. He still has found no way out of the Dream Time but is able to reach other people by invading their dreams.


Thus the Gaunt Man is again a might to be reckoned with.

Though he can do no physical – or mystical – harm to his victims he is able to pervert their dreams any way he wants. As every creature has to sleep this makes him in some way even stronger than before.


By entering the dreams of his victims he can make them suffer psychologicially any way he wants (just imagine a Gaunt Man with the power of Freddy Kruger).


But there is a flip-side to that coin. If a dreamer haunted by the Gaunt Man is able to get into contact with the Ancestor Spirits of the Dream Time he may find aid in fighting the Gaunt Man in his very realm. Rumor goes by those in the know that every death orchestrated by the Gaunt Man or his minions in the Dream Time brings the Gaunt Man closer to entering the physical world again.


For game purposes, any dead person can fight as an Ancestor spirit with or against the Gaunt Man in the Dream Time. By now only some personas on his side have been recognized.

These are (examples):


Henry VIII – a ruthless man who loves to spin a female victim in a renaissance tapestry where he first courts her until she agrees to share his bed. Till then it is a very pleasant dream of a gallant man and hordes of servants that cater to any whim of the victim. But when she agrees he shows his ugly face. In steps the beheaded Anne Boleyn her head under her arm and accuses the victim of adultery. Then the whole court is after the victim to behead her. First the victim awakes just before any harm is done but the dream returns every night and the executioner gets closer with every dream. One night the victim dies in the Dream Time. In reality she falls in catatony and quickly fades away. If no one goes into the dream time to face her nightmare and get her out of catatony, she will die in about one month.

Rules: In the first dream Henry VIII tries a charm with his skill of 15 against the victim. If he gets a player’s call the dream twists. If he doesn’t succeed he will try again once for each hour the victim sleeps. When the victim awakes without being charmed to player’s call nothing happens. Otherwise she is hooked and the remaining hours Henry VIII uses his spirit of 15 against the victims willpower to get another player’s call. He will try each hour in recurring dreams while each night getting a +1 bonus. Once he gets a player’s call the victim is trapped in the Dream Time where she is beheaded. Her sleeping body is left obviously without a soul.


Charles Manson: A rather crude dream of being followed by a madman with a big knife. First the victim dreams of luxury in a Beverly Hills Villa then the door is busted by a long haired unkempt man with a crazy stare. He follows his victim through empty streets straight into a movie theatre and on into a movie. The chase continues through any kind of violent movies the GM can remember.

Rules: With each movie Manson receives a +1 Bonus as the murderers out of the movie follow the victim too and rolls his spirit of 13 vs. the victim’s willpower. If the victim awakes before he succeeds, the victim is free. Otherwise Manson stabs at the victim and in the physical world the victim sleep walks, grabs a knife and stabs at himself (count the result of the spirit vs. willpower roll as damage on the damage column). Even then the victim does not wake up. The only way to keep the victim from harming himself is to guard him and hold his hands, but the only way to safe him is to get into the dream itself via interdimensional gates spell or something similar and fight Manson.


Sleeping time: Normally a victim sleeps 8 hours if he isn’t disturbed. To break free of the Dream Time the victim has to win at least with a superior result over the Ancestor spirit in the contest favored by that spirit.

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How Orrorsh fell and rose again


It took the Viktorians 2 years after the Gaunt Man’s death to realize who he really was and fight their way through to Salisbruy manor. After a costly battle against any form of Horrors the Queen’s 8th lancers burned the place down. With the manor many mystic and utterly corrupt secrets perished. But not all evil was lost. Geoffrey Walberton, a Sacellum priest was one of the first to enter the manor proper. Being a man of the book as well as the cloth he couldn’t stand the Gaunt Man’s library falling to flames. When the military started to burn the place, he managed to smuggle some books out. Foremost he saved the Gaunt Man’s occult transcripts where he described how to construct Horrors. Though Walberton fought the evil that virtually leaked out of that book, he eventually lost and became corrupted. Finally he found a new way to create Horrors


How a Horror becomes horrible – the Gaunt Man’s ritual


Under the law of Eternal Corruption the soul of a malevolent person has to wander after its body’s death for some time until it is finally sent to whichever hell those souls go.

To hold the soul for longer, the Gaunt Man constructed the Waiting Village and bound each soul by its name and the knowledge of its true death to that pocket dimension.

The occult ritual used for this way to bind a soul had the side effect that the soul may not be separated from the knowledge used to bind it. The Gaunt Man used his mirror Wicked to extend the range (as through Wicked the soul was always in range of the library where all this knowledge was recorded).

The next step to create a Horror was to kill a victim and bind the soul to the victim’s corpse. The corpse would then deform to a shapeless mass of flesh (known as an Other).

Then the Gaunt Man could mold the Other any way he wanted into a Horror.


Rules: the knowledge used to bind a soul (true death and soul’s name) has to be recorded in some physical way (written on parchment, stone, scribbled in the sand or even recorded on an audio tape).

The soul may not be farther away from that knowledge than Torg value (soul’s spirit) range for a Torg value (soul’s willpower) time. The instant that time is elapsed without giving the soul a new body, it goes to hell. If an Other is not remodeled until Torg value (soul’s willpower) time, it always stays an Other.


How to construct a Horror Walberton’s way


Lacking Wicked and the Waiting Village, Walberton devised a twist to the still working ritual.First he led a horde of unsuspecting followers to a death trap (he entombed them alive).

Then he lured wandering souls from the now defunct Waiting Village to that tombs where he had their names and true death’s inscribed on the tombs inner walls. As his living victims where beginning to die of starvation, the Horror souls bargained with them for survival. Many of the victims chose death over eternal damnation, but 43 agreed to being possessed in order to survive. They became Geoffrey Walberton’s first Horrors, only 23 to go. Another death trap of the same devise completed his ritual. With 66 Horrors at his command, Walberton started his reign over Orrorsh.


The Gaunt Man’s ritual is now changed forever. Any soul of a person that is killed in Orrorsh becomes a free soul for some time. Until it goes to hell the soul has a chance to ursurp any still living body through a spirit struggle. The soul may only remain in that body if some records of the soul’s true death (the way its former body died) and its name are kept near the Horror. The victim’s body then changes into an Other and may be modelled into any Horror by someone who knows the true death and the name. Thus far only Walberton knows of the ritual but any occult sorcerer could make use of that spell if he learned of it. So, many of the former Horrors under the Gaunt Man’s influence have been killed and gone to hell.


Rules: The wandering soul has Torg value(soul’s willpower) time to find a new body. A spirit struggle with the victim’s soul is fought (Horror’s spirit vs. victim’s willpower) but the possession is not complete until Torg value(Horror’s willpower) time. If in that time the Horror’s dead body is buried and blessed by a priest (of any faith) the Horror’s soul has to leave the victim’s body. Also, during that time, the victim has a chance to dispel the spirit each time he stands on holy ground or someone blesses him (victim’s faith vs.Horror’s willpower). After that time elapses the victim changes into an Other and is doomed.

The knowledge used to bind a soul (true death and soul’s name) has to be recorded in some physical way (written on parchment, stone, scribbled in the sand or even recorded on an audio tape). The soul may not be farther away from that knowledge than Torg value(soul’s spirit) range for a Torg value(soul’s willpower) time. If an Other is not remodeled by anyone with the relevant knowledge until Torg value(soul’s willpower) time, it always stays an Other. If a Horror is longer than Torg value(Horror’s willpower) time out of Torg value(Horror’s spirit) range its body and soul are destroyed forever.


Walberton’s ritual clearly has some advantages over the Gaunt Man’s but it also has some disadvantages. Any killed person may overtake a living victim but it only has some time to write its true death and name down (or Walberton does this for him). But that same inscription can prove the horror’s downfall as its true death can be used to destroy the Horror. Walberton sees this as a chance he is willing to take. In order to give his Horrors free range, he made a habit of scattering the relevant knowledge in many copies, though cleverly hidden, all over Orrorsh. Thus he also limits the danger, that the last record of this knowledge is destroyed as this would eventually destroy the Horror. Another problem for the Horrors is that they don’t know if they are near one of these recordings, so some Horrors always have one record near to them and check it regularly. The new ritual allows to play Orrorsh more a realm of knowledge-gathering than Horror-slaughtering. The method formerly employed by some players killing a Horror with any means available in the hope it will not find the characters after its eventual return from the Waiting Village doesn’t work anymore. The disembodied soul will simply try to overtake one of the characters after its death.


The state of realm and cosm


After their initial victory over the Horrors, the Victorians brought the war back to Orrorsh cosm. Though many Horrors fought back viciously, the Victorians soon conquered most of Europe and North America. On the Balcans the Victorians met some defeats and left those countries to the Horrors, especially Vampires. In many liberated countries of Europe and North America the Victorians were soon forced out by nationalist movements while their forces were busy in Asia. The effect is that the Victorians now reign over the same countries they held on core earth during the victorian age. The other european countries have also made inroads into Africa, America and Asia. But the Horrors are not destroyed completely, they have only gone into hiding and strike whenever they see a chance for it.


On core earth the Victorians are having colonial problems with the natives. Though most Indonesians are transformed to Orrorsh there is still a core earth movement with modern weapons that fights a guerilla war against the stiff-lipped Victorians. The rebels use muslim traditions to gain followers for their cause with the natives.

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And finally, this new world needs some rules:


New Rules


The Chasms – crossing the realms

Physical travel still has its hazards especially across the former realm borders. The chasms are deep rifts with lava pools on the bottom. Steam provides a constant updrift strong enough to make crossing a bridge nearly impossible (DEX or Agility DN 16).

Though flight is also hindered by the air currents it is possible (flight skill or air vehicles DN 10).

Water chasms are another hazard to travellers. Where the former storm frontiers bounded to oceans the water now is in constant turmoil (swimming DN 18, water vehicles (motor boats) DN 12, water vehicles (sailing ships) DN 14). Though it is dangerous, enterprising merchants often risk sea-travels to make a healthy profit.

And those who manage to cross the chasms they are still in danger of the various species that live in water, air or even the chasms itself.


Axiom Problems

When a character uses a tool (technical device, spell, miracle or even social function) that is beyond his realm’s axioms the difference between his axiom and the tool’s axiom is used as a difficulty modifier. E.g. Kar Kol (Tech 7), an edeinos currently in Core Earth tries to use a Colt Magnum (Tech 20), he has to cope with a nearly impossible DN modifier of +13. That may seem rather harsh but it resembles how difficult it is for someone from a low tech environment to understand how higher tech works. And there are two ways out of it.


1: Kar Kol may not know how to clean or reload a Magnum but he surely understands the concept of “point at the target and bend your finger”. At the GMs discreetion the modifier can be ruled out for some equipment or some usage (while Kar Kol may not be able to use a computer or to reload a M16 he might be able to point a loaded revolver and shoot)


2: a new skill, scholar (realm adaption: specified realm). Thus, Kar Kol may adapt to the way the relevant realm (in this case Core Earth) works. The adds in scholar (realm adaptation) may be subtracted from the DN modifier (up to a modifier of 0 as Realm adaptation can only negate a negative modifier and not give a positive modifier). E.g. Kar Kol with scholar (realm adaptation: Core Earth) 16 may negate the modifier but gets no additional bonus by scholar (realm adaptation).


On the other hand Joe Smith from Core Earth has no problem flying his F-16 plane he stole from the US Air Force over the Living Land. But he has to get there first (remember the chasms). And the disconnection rules still apply.

But when an army tries to cross a realm border some strange things happen. Though the earth now accepts all different realms, the realms still do not accept too much interference (including Core Earth). Whenever more than 10 characters from foreign realms cover an area of up to 1 km the realm strikes back with an old fashioned reality storm. The strength of these storms varies from 15 to 25.



Welcome to the Net – a whole new world to explore

All cosms are accepted by Core Earth and still hold on to their domain. This is also true for the God Net as it is a realm by itself. Though the heart of the God Net, the Cyberpapacy darkness device no longer exists, the realm is still there. And it can be accessed by different means. For the realm it does not matter if a character enters it by modem, mobile phone or interdimensional gate spell, you get there you have to play by its rules. And the rules differ as the realm is divided in different “countries”: God Net, Grid, Kadandra Net, Nippon Net and World Wide Web. It is possible to travel between these “countries” but you need access devices.

  • To get from WWW to Nippon Net you need the “Iki Entertainment Global access software (IKI gas)”.
  • To get from Nippon Net to God Net, Grid or Kadandra Net you need the “France Industries matrix transponder”, a hardware device that simulates a virtual experience device. Basically these are Tech 23 data goggles with a data glove and PC compatible software.
  • To get from one Matrix system to another (God Net, Grid, Kadandra Net) or to a lower Tech (WWW, Nippon) no additional tech is required.
  • France Industries, Hachiman and some other French and Japanese companies have even set up their own WWW platforms to help communication with their customers world wide.
  • Even Aysle offers its own way into the Net: Future Investments sell spell scrolls for interdimensional gates spells to enter God Net, Grid and Kadandra Net. Future Investments try to defend that market with a formerly unknown social tool: they have filed some law suits against plagiators. But this concept is rather difficult to understand for Aysle judges. As lay magistrate Dorgan of Tancred put it: “Would thou be so kind to tell us again what the charge against these honourable sorcerers should be? How could they have stolen something from you that you obviously still have in your possession?”


If a character wants to get in a “Net country” for which he got the proper access device he has to make a reality check with a difficulty of 8 to gain access. He needs only the access device but no phone line or other connection (but to use a computer he still needs electric power).

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The laws in the US circa '38 weren't much different from the Keene Act iirc. Mystery Men operated outside the law (unlike Adam West's Batman). Suggestion: EDIT, leave the UN unsaid. Also, Wu could be head of a new Dynasty rather than the PRC, same result.


A thought occurred to me that the Mystery Men retire, but instead of giving up vigilantism, they form and sponsor "law enforcement consultant groups" or "law and order foundations" which give support to the next generation of crimefighters. So, essentially, they become Charlie from "Charlie's Angels" or Devon Miles from "Knight Rider".


"Wu Han taking over China" is meant more to reflect the change in the "Yellow Peril" trope during the time period, from inscrutable Oriental mastermind Fu Manchu to Communist dictator with a cult of personality (be it Mao or North Korean Kims). Also, it allows me to avoid the conflicting, polarizing, historical portrayal of Mao by using a straight-up evil villain.


Rather like UNIT from classic Doctor Who...


That's what I was going for. My original idea was UNITED, but putting Extra-Dimensional at the end didn't fit right.

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The big question here is, what are some ways to get rid of Darkness Devices? Because if you just rip up the stelae and send it back home, it is still a threat to its home Cosm inhabitants.

Years and years ago over on the mailing list we had a post from someone who said that his PC group destroyed Darkness Devices (I don't remember if it was just one or several) by attacking spiritually rather than physically since their Spirit attributes are low enough, comparatively speaking, to be damaged and killed. They used spells, miracles, psionics, probably occultech and weird science too, to boost a Space Gods priest's Spirit attribute to high enough levels that the Spirit Sword miracle allowed him to score enough wounds in one blow that the DD couldn't buy enough of them off and so it took 4+ wounds and died. Yeah....

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