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Help with Skills?

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So... if I survive this adventure in Orrorsh (Early, we're rescuing an ally, not really directly going up against the Gaunt Man, so I'm hopeful), I could use some advice on skills.


My dodge is currently a 9

My Dex is currently a 13.

Toughness: 10 (+5 Armor)


Its kinda a running joke with how hard it is to hit my character. Is this a decent set of defenses for a mid-level long range character? Should I focus on my Ranged Damage, or should I focus on my short-range combat abilities which are kinda anemic right now...


Notes: The character started out as a long range hard to hit sniper, but kinda split in terms of character evolution, so now I'm trying to juggle Melee/Spirit and Long range Capabilities.

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Well I think it would be helpful if you posted your character's Attributes and Skills. To have a better idea of what you might want to do next.


Beyond that, I think the easiest way to decide who the character might want to improve is to remember that we are talking about ROLE playing, not ROLL playing. What would interest the character? Did he read a lot of fantasy novels as a kid and still has yet to master the Longsword? Has he lost any bad melee battles? Then he might want to work on those skills. Has he had problems with a fire combat battle? Maybe those skills would interest him. Do the other members of his party have any skills that he has never encoumtered before? Maybe after seeing someone use the Occult effectively, he might be interested? What about his Faith skill? After battling the Horrors of Orrosh, might he be more interested in his conception of a higher power? He might want to acquire Focus and Miracles of his own after seeing a Priest deal effectively with the things that go bump in the night.


Just some ideas, let me knwo what you think. :cool:

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Like Zack said, think role playing instead of roll playing. That said, if I was ever lucky enough to actually play another Torg character instead of running the game (I got to play about 3 times back when the only sourcebook available was the Living Land), I would be sure to stock up on those approved action skills (Maneuver, Intimidation, Taunt, Trick, Test). There's no such thing as getting too many Drama deck cards.

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I'm going to get such crap from my GM if he still reads these forums. xD. I will note, this is a pretty heavily changed TORG Campaign, modernized to heck, so there are some differences, and different skills for the characters.


Anyway, for the past...gods, is it 4 years already?... I have been playing a modified Ravagon, who, through a course of events unknown to him ended up plopping him on Core Earth a little over 2 decades before the invasion in human form, without any memory of who he was or how it happened. In our game, they can look exactly like humans. He has been piecing it together since the Invasion. Most of my Roleplay comes from that interaction.


I mean, I'd like to start buying up other skills, but we're coming more and more across situations where our mage can't use magic, a few others have been tinkering with other skills, and since some of our other characters have left, being replaced by new ones with lower skills and lower damage output, I'm kinda leaning to supplement our damage output, mine has become a little anemic since stacking gun damage gets progressively more and more difficult.



Dex: 13

Dodge: 9

Fire Combat 3

Heavy Weapons 1

Maneuver 1


Unarmed: 2


Tou 10


Per: 12

Air Vehicles 1

Find 1

First Aid 1

Land Vehicles 3

Languages 2

Japanese 2

French 1

Scholar/Engineering 3

Scholar/Computer 3

Scholar/Arcane Lore 1

Tracking 1

Contageon 1 (Core Earth Damaging Occult Magic / Voodoo)


Str: 7


Mind: 9

Evidence Analysis 3

Science/Engineer 3


Char: 8

Sympathy 3 (Core Earth Helpful Occult Magic / Voodoo)


Spirit: 9

Reality 4

Possibility Rip 3

Skill Rip 1 (See above, only really difficult)

Attribute Rip 1 (See Above, but basically requires a Glory)

Annihilation 1 (Physical Damaging, each point is an increase to damage)

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