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I posted this comment on your Spacecraft Spotlight #1: The MaCO


Cool ship, I may use her in a future campaign.


Speaking from the D6 side of things I would give her a much better Sensor package with geater range. This ship is meant to zero in on a target vessel then use it's virus weapon to disable it. Unfortunatly the current sensor package has such a limited range that many Tramp frieghters and most capitol ships would see it coming and open fire on it long before The MaCO would even see them. I would suggest fitting it out with a sensor suit from one of the Scouts ships listed in Galaxy Guide 8 Scouts. The Lone Scout or Sky Blind or MRX-Pacifier for example.


The details on the Virus weapon should be expanded on a little more. Is the "gunner" using his/her computer prog/rep added to the 8D fire control? Or is it added to a communications roll? Or is it added to the Starship weapons roll? Also what is the range of this weapon in spatial units?

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