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Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines

The D6 Magazine welcomes those contributors interested in publishing OpenD6-based material. These guidelines are meant to assist you in submitting your material for publication into the D6 Magazine.


Before getting started, here are the basics:


1. The material you submit must be your own work and may not be copied, in whole or in part, from any copyright protected source. If you can prove you are the owner of the copyright protected material, then submission of that material will be accepted.


2. You agree to have the material published and the mechanics put into open source through the OGL. If you have particular proper names or specific items you want to retain Product Identity (PI) of, please denote such items so it can be marked appropriately on the OGL.


3. If you wish to include material with an emphasis on an existing setting owned by another company or entity, please alter any names or setting details that make it specifically the copyright protected setting and submit it as an alternate setting. If you wish to have an evil galactic power with a tiny rebellion struggling against it, simply change the names and some of the specific setting details and you can submit that material.


4. If you have art you would like included with your submission, please feel free to send it along. Make sure that you either have ownership of the art, permission from the artist to use it, or that the image is public domain/open source. It is preferable if the art be sent in jpeg format, but if you only have access to other formats we can see about working with them.


5. Articles should be submitted via email, with an attachment. Please use .txt or .doc files for all non-graphic submissions. Again, if you only have access to some other format, let us know and we can see what can be done.

Please email your submissions to D6Magazine_at_aol.com (replace the underscores "at" with the proper sign.)


Include the name you want the article to be written by, as well as your real name so future communication can be made (that information will remain anonymous if you choose to do so).

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