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Wounds levels & Regenerate

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From the "d6 for Super Powered Gaming" thread, in reference to using Body Points instead of Would Levels:


Believe me when I say we tried it. It slows the game down isn’t practical when dealing with beings who can stop a train with their mighty thighs


Body points work a lot better than the wound system when dealing with supers. Soak rolls versus wookies large hurdle in Star Wars imagine that times 10 when dealing with a super.


I would suggest trying the game with wound points to see what I mean. It won’t matter much when you’re dealing with Joey Bag-O-Donuts the mugger but when you’re fighting Omega Titan the Destroyers and he has A Physique of 10D and extra wound levels to boot the game will slow to a crawl.

I plan on running a d6 game that uses low level powers- call the hero minor super powered characters- and I prefer the wound system to body points. How does one translate body point bonus to wound levels when dealing with powers like regenerate & healing? What method was used, how much did it cost, etc for powers run this way? Extra wound levels were mentioned; is this another power, or something based off the Strength/Constitution attribute?

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As a quick and fast rule


Extra wound levels


I would make each rank add an additional amount of Stuns equal to the Physique of the character with



Twice Physique in Stuns



All of the above plus an additional Mortal wound


Regeneration would add dice to a heroes natural healing roll and allow him to make it more frequently

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