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Please do not reply to this thread unless asked to by the GM. This is where I will place a Rules In Effect list, Character Creation notes, as well as a few other tidbits like the player character descriptions, and so forth once things are more set in stone.

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As we move into this game, I'd like you to be aware of a transitional play by post method that I tend to utilize. It serves well as a method of approaching play by post online gaming with several types of rp players in mind. It's shifting format tends to keep my players attentions up (including my own as GM!). I think you will like it. I've had players state they really have enjoyed my games, so let's see how I can do with Tekumel :) I'm a very laid back GM. I consider us ALL here to enjoy the company of each other. I'm not here to bull doze you through a world as I see it needing or having to occur. I'm extremely flexible, I tend to err towards being 'nice" in real life and in virtual. As an easy going GM, I don't react well to power gamers. So, please leave that hat at home if you would classify yourself as such. We are not here to compete with one another ; but to enjoy each other's imaginations (and different methods of thinking and writing).


Above all:

Enjoy yourselves. I'm going to have crappy writing days. You will too. I'm not looking for shakespeare. I'm just looking for two or three well thought out paragraphs which "add" to the gaming experience. Don't worry yourself with the rules. Don't worry yourself with advancement. Those are tangential with our playing the game of course, but they should not be the compass by which you steer. Let yourself dive into the characters, and by doing so, each of you will be better people in real life. I truly believe that.


Nearly-God Mode -


There will be situations where I will allow for "God-Modding" by players writing their characters sub or side stories. You may not be used to this type of lenience from a GM. I've done this on several occasions and I was thoroughly impressed how players "stayed within appropriate bounds". In effect, during Nearly-God Mode, you will be able to speak for other NPCs and describe your effects on your surroundings completely on your own. I will only step in during Nearly-God Mode to adjudicate situations that need a referee, and or to advise you all privately when you've slightly stepped over the bounds. In almost ALL situations I've had online, people have not taken advantage of this ; and in fact have self regulated very well. I have had a lot of positive feedback that this allowance has really made the player feel a "part" of the story, and not just being run along. Consider this MODE of play by post to be almost shared fiction-writing; bound by the laws set forth in the rules and just an occasional push by the GM to keep folks from going psycho (and hence, avoid the jumping of the shark).


Traditional Mode -

Ok. A goodly amount of traditional rpg back and forth will occur. I don't consider this a lesser form of RP, it's RP. There will be plots, sub-plots, meta-plots, you name it. I like to mix things up a lot to keep people on their toes, including myself. If you cannot tell already, I like to shift the mode to keep the players in tune with their viritual surroundings.


Combat Mode -

There will be times when we go round for round in almost a tactical battle format. This will include participating (potentially) in small segments of rather LARGE battles.


I think you will enjoy this change in focus from time to time. Play by post allows for this shifting GAME MODE to be easier to implement then in a face 2 face setting. I for one see play by post as a maturation of the face to face rpg ; not a replacement, but a slowed down, slow read if you will. That is a method of exegesis and analysis we used to do in college of philosophical works. We would very slowly read through and dissect the one piece we were reading. I consider play by post a "slow read" of your characters and ironically yourself!

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D6 Fantasy Rules In Effect.


PLEASE review THIS DOCUMENT before reading on in this post. A lot is covered in that Tekumel D6 conversion document.


Character Creation -

- Defined Limits as described in Chapter 1 of D6 Fantasy.

- Also, see Tekumel D6 conversion doc for additional notes on the subject.

- Character Options (see Chapter 2, D6 Fantasy) will only be used after discussion with the GM. There needs to be ample role-playing reason why you have a disadvantage or advantage; unless otherwise shown in the Tekumel D6 Conversion Document that your race allows for a base Advantage &/OR Disadvantage. For HUMANs, please note that you can opt to NOT receive the default Advantage/Disadvantages as shown in the Human racial description of the Tekumel D6 Conversion Document.


Wound System :

Body Points + Wound Level Interpretation per chart "Wound Levels" in Damage Chapter of D6 Fantasy.


Wild Die:

- When you roll a '6' on the wild die, you may re-roll it as often as you roll another '6' on it.

- When you roll a '1' on the wild die. Just add it in to your roll total. Please clearly note to the GM in your post that you got the 1 on your wild die. If you missed your target difficulty number, something strange "may" happen, but the GM will determine via additional rolls what if anything may happen.



- Chapters 5,6,7 will be in effect in relationship to the combat round.

- Initiative will be determined by the GM for each combat situation. He will denote an initiative order and that order will be used until stated otherwise by the GM. Surprise, Acumen and other factors per situation will be factored into initiative.


Special Notes Regarding Dodge/Block/Parry:

- The interpretation of Dodge/Block/Parry defensive rolls and their relationship to multiple action penalties there-of has been debated in many locations online and likely at the game table of many a GM. I will be utilizing as close to a verbatim interpretation of the Chapters 5,6,7 in D6 Fantasy as I've been able to muster over the years.


That interpretation is as follows :



When combat begins, if you are attacked prior to your "turn" during that initial combat round, you must use the Passive Defense target number, which is "10".

Once your "turn" comes up, you may use your Dodge, Fighting (to block when you are unarmed), Melee Combat (to block when you are armed with a melee weapon) skill in one of the following ways

a.) Full Defense = Roll of your Dodge, Fighting or Melee Combat (whichever is most applicable)+ 10. Note that NO 'additional' actions are allowed if Full Defense is chosen.

b.) Partial Defense = Roll of your Dodge, Fighting or Melee Combat (whichever is most applicable)

That newly derived defensive target number is used for Any and All inbound attacks from that point until your turn in the NEXT combat round. (in this combat example, Turn2)


Example: let's say you decided to use your Melee Combat and parry incoming attacks as they come in. Your Melee Combat is a 5D, and you roll a 22. That "22" now stays with your character as their defensive target number from that point until the characters turn the next round. Let's say the next round two of your opponents attack you PRIOR to your turn during that following round. Their target to hit you remains "22", until your "turn" that next round during which you can change your defensive stance.


Please note that utilizing one of your defensive skills in this manner does act as ONE additional action. (The penalty is 'not' accrued PER incoming attack) So if you plan on attacking someone with your sword, but maintaining a partial defensive Dodge, each of those rolls is as a -1D.



more soon.... work-in-progress...

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New to Tekumel? Read over this article as a starting point. Then read the rest of the main site www.tekumel.com starting with the histories and discussions of the races. Then I recommend you read both novels Man Of Gold, then Flamesong. Read any of the three additional novels if you can get your hands on them as well. Then move on to the original EPT rules from 1979 (or the GOO 2005 version which is titled Tekumel : Empire Of The Petal Throne as an alternative/or in addition). Then move on to the Tekumel Source Book : Swords & Glory Volume 1; most of the time just referred to as "The Source Book" in forum and mailing list postings. Beyond that, you would get a lot from the Book Of Ebon Bindings, Mitlanyál (Vol. 1 & 2), Tekumel Bestiary and any other Tekumel source you can find in hard copy at : http://www.tekumel.com/tita/

or otherwise soft copy at -> http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/

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