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Fang: The Roleplaying Game of Epic Horror

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The Roleplaying Game of Epic Horror




The book you have in your hands, or on your screen, is a dangerous thing. Once you are shown the truths of the world as it really is there will be no going back. I'm giving you this warning only in passing. There is a war that mortals are unaware of, a war that has raged for centuries between the immortal races of our world. You have read of us in your assumed fiction. Of the true lords of the earth, forever young, and as unknowable to mortal kind as the butcher is to his cattle. We once walked openly as gods among your kind. The vampires of your legends, though the eldest of our kind prefer no name at all. We are a secretive race. It has been the greatest asset of our survival over millennia immemorial.


The movies and books of today would tell you some about us. But you must remember some of these things are deliberate misinformation from our kind. If knowledge is power, than he who controls it has power unrestrained. We do not fear crosses, I am quite fond of crosses actually being born in time to serve in the crusades, unless the foes of the fallen ones take head of the prayers of a true believer. This is true of most of what you would call "supernatural" beings however. The God of Abraham does indeed wield power over the world, or perhaps it is the sheer will of belief in him that wields power. This is for you to answer for yourself. Silver does not harm us. We are however extremely susceptible to sunlight. Though, even this could be misinformation for you to ponder mortal. The magi cast this upon our bloodlines during the Day of Ashes nearly two thousand years ago now. Beheading or burning us, as with any other creature can kill us. But some of the eldest of our kind can return even from injuries such as those.


The world is it is, is similar to the world in which you live every day. There are taxis, and skyscrapers. Computers, and cell phones. But everything you experience lies on the surface of a much deeper ocean of darkness beneath. A darkness that has drowned many a cattle, our "loving" nickname for the herds of mankind that populate the world. We are the sharks of that ocean. We are the eternal lords of the night.


But even our kind have foes, if not equals. The beasts are hinted at in your legends as well. There was a time when they were as we are now. But that was long ago. They are descendents of the pagans of old who in their arrogance thought they could learn to master the demon within, the hunger, with blood rites, and placation of the old gods. They lost their immortality in the process in, they thought, they were finally free of the beast. Little did they know through the generations that they would pass the essence of the demon unto their children, and their children's children. They are abominations of the blood. The closest one could describe them for you to understand would be the werewolves. Similar in most respects to those of your films, although silver is no more deadly to them as it is to any other mortal. They have chosen to, those few who make the change and keep their sanity, to hunt us. But they will soon learn who is the prey.


There are other beings that may rival us in the cities of mankind. The magi and their secret orders mostly keep to themselves. They are dangerous, and newly turned vampires would do well to never piss them off. The adage "subtle and quick to anger" doesn't do these beings justice. They have greatly longer life spans than other mortals, and can hold grudges for as long as any of our kind. The last time we went to war against their strong places in the old world was during the time when Caesar sat upon the emperors chair in Rome. It was then that the curse of light was laid down upon us, and brought our people low for hundreds of years. We recovered from the ashes, literally, and have learned since that these are not a people to fuck with.

The others to be weary of are creatures that even in our vast knowledge we cannot fully understand. There are the fallen ones, those that claim to be the literal demons spoken of us the religious texts of the west and near east. They are immensely powerful beings. Some of the courts, the "families" of our kind, have in times past made pacts with these beings in exchange for power. It is rumored that an act such as this is what spawned our race to begin with. Though we can never be sure as the eldest of us perished during the Day of Ashes, the day the magi cursed us to dwell only in darkness and fear the sun.



I am always working on tons of projects at once. After a discussion yesterday I have decided to make the Nosferatu D6 game I was working on a little more like a certain companies series of games that had been changed drastically. I'm going to be using Cinema 6 RPG Framework for the game itself. I had about 20 pages done but now that I'm revising it for C6 I have around 9. I should have it finished by the end of May.

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