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Character Creation/House Rules

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Character Creation notes:

Starting attributes: species template +6D (note: Falleen & Coynites have a species template with 13D)

Starting Skill Dice: 9D (no more than 2D above the attribute)

No Parry skills. Use Melee Combat and Brawling to attack AND defend.

Martial Arts (A) is an advanced skill under Brawling and requires Brawling 5D. You may choose 1 manuever per D of Martial Arts (A). For a list of manuevers, see the Rules of Engagement Sourcebook.


We'll use the following optional rule from Rules of Engagement:

For every 5 points the attack roll exceeds the target difficulty, add 1 to the damage roll. (e.g. rolled 25 to hit and defender rolled 15 to dodge. add +2 to the damage roll)

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House Rule: The Wild Die


If you roll a 6 on the Wild Die, it is open-ended as per the standard rules.


If you roll a 1 on the Wild Die, roll it again:


1 = subtract the 1 from the Wild Die and the highest other die roll

2-5 = no special failure, add dice normally

6 = complication, add dice normally, but something ELSE has happened


Example: I roll 1, 4, 5, 2 on 4D.

Since it's a 1 on the Wild Die, I roll the Wild Die again. It comes up a 1 again. So I subtract it and the 5. The total is 4+2=6.


Using the same example, if I roll a 2, 3, 4, or 5 on the second Wild Die roll. Then I add my original roll normally. The total is 1+4+5+2=12


With a 6 on the second Wild Die I still get a 12, but with a complication.


Any questions?

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