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Septimus - Play By Post

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I would like to gauge interest in a Septimus PbP to be held here on the wegfansite forums. If you are interested, please chose two potential templates you would like to possibly play. If you do not own the pdf or paper-back copy of the rules, no worries. It is similar enough to D6 Space OGL that you shouldn't have any major issues playing along. I can walk you through character creation via PM or even via instant message or the chat room here at wegfansite if necessary.


Here are the particulars. This is a Septimus game I was going to run originally on myth-weavers, but I would rather run it here amongst the weg fan crew if there is enough interest.




The Extent has worked very hard for years to hone the booming civilization of the Sphere into a complacent, peaceful society. Your motley group of newcomers has landed at the edge of Arcopolis. It is the second week of your small group living off the land on the outskirts of the city, when your hovels are ransacked and all of the members of your fledgling group are taken by Extent enforcers to a processing facility in the core of Arcopolis. You'd heard rumors of the power employed by the Sindavar Extent to bring new Proles into the fold of their nanomite control, but you'd never heard of blatant kidnapping. On the way to the processing plant, a rebel group known only as "The Free" have sabotaged the 'prisoner' convoy on the road leading to the facility, taking out the drivers of the vehicles and the Enforcers that were located on top of the vehicle. Having been set free by the rebel group, you are asked to join or make your own way in the looming expanse of Arcopolis, though having had your genetic code taken by the Extent Enforcers, you are likely already wanted men and women.




This is a game using Bill Coffin's Septimus, which was released at Gencon 2009. As of typing this intro, only a PDF is available of the game at rpgnow or drivethrurpg websites. Hard back copies of the rules set should be available soon from West End Games, but I have no information on "when". With that said, if you do not own the rule book, I can privately walk you through creating a character using one of the following core templates -


Septimus Templates - General Descriptions:


- Alpha, 'noble' savages.

- Artifex, grease monkeys of the sphere.

- Avatar, Ghosts in the Machine. AI loose in the mainframes.

- Bodger, engineers/tinkerers of mechanical tech.

- Dragoon, Seventh empire mercs.

- Enforcers, Extent paramilitary and police forces.

- Flatliners, those that refuse to partake in nanotechnology.

- Hardcase, those that use nanotech extensively.

- Helix, engineers/tinkerers of nano or geno tech.

- Hierarch, noble elite of the Seventh Empire.

- Hyperion, living robots. Cyborgs effectively.

- Merchant, general star traders and transporters.

- Morituri, gladiators, bred for warfare. (Specialized Sythients or Proles.)

- Outlaw, space pirates, scoundrels, criminals of all forms in and out of the Sphere.

- Pathfiner, the explorers of the Seventh Empire. Charters of unknown jump points.

- Prole, ordinary folk living mundane/content lives. Usually specialize in a single field.

- Settler, colonist.

- Sleepwalker, secret agents of the Extent.

- Spacer, those who prefer to live in space as opposed to planet-side.

- Spoilsport, criminals that attempt to work the system of the Extent to their favor.

- Steeljack, grease monkeys that enjoy pimping their powered armor.

- Stringer, journalists in the main Septimus city, Acropolis.

- Synthients, those that have been genetically engineered from birth.

- Zealot, religious pilgrims to Septimus.


FREE QuickStart Guide, in case you have no idea what Septimus is all about:



The system is based upon OpenD6, which is comprised of the rules found in D6 Space OGL, D6 Adventure OGL and D6 Fantasy OGL rules that have been released by West End Games. More information on OpenD6 can be found here -


in there D6 & Open D6 forums.



-One post per work day (Monday through Friday) minimum.

-If you will be absent, just PM or post in OCC forum.

-6 Month minimum for the adventure, with 1 month break, then begin another adventure with same character or you may feel free to try something new or leave the campaign gracefully.

-Power gamers need not apply. This game is for "fun" and enjoyment. We are here to entertain one another, not compete against one another. I have a very very laid back style, but provide as much detail as needed or desired based upon the situation in the game.


Once I have four takers, I'll start the adventure.

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