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Shatterzone Threads List

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This post is a compilation of all the discussions the old WEG Fan Forum has had about the game Shatterzone, as of this post. They are listed here in the order of most recent activity to oldest activity, as of this moment of this new thread post. Of course if any of these threads are replied in afterwards, then the order will change from what is listed here, but the links will still work to take you to the first post in that thread.


The Shattezone game was rarely discussed even at the old WEG Fan Forum, and only by a small minority of forum members. There was not enough interest to warrant Shatterzone retaining its own forum in this new site, thus the consolidation of these threads into "Other WEG Games". Since I am the one that manually moved all these threads here to help with the reorganization of the old content on this new WEG Fansite, I am posting this reference page to assist those looking for threads about Shatterzone.


For anyone interested in maintaining an ongoing up-to-date quick reference page (I'm looking at you Havard :cool:), then every time a new Shatterzone thread is posted on this site, please post a link with the thread title/subject to that thread, here in this thread.




ShatterZone Returns?

Shatterzone 2.0- Putting it together with TORG rules

Which movie, computer game, novel etc define ShatterZone?

[shatterZone] Favorite Alien Race?

Shatterzone 2.0 (a stand-alone game using the TORG 2.0 system)

Fires of Amatsumara in ShatterZone

I got Shatterzone

Hypothetical- You are put in charge of doing a new version of Shatterzone

Shatterzone Cards

Shatterzone 2.0- Keep the cards or ditch them?

[shatterzone 2.0] Cancelled

[shatterZone] Megacorporations?

Is anyone running Shatterzone right now?

Systems you would like to see the Shatterzone setting converted to

Shatterzone- An Idea

Shatterzone Universe Guide, assistance requested

Reforging the Shatterzone

What is it about Shatterzone...

Shatterzone 2.0 ideas/project

Would you be interested in an updated version of Shatterzone?

[shatterzone] Hypothetical: Torg ruleset or new D6 for the rules

Shatterzone- Uses the Masterbook Rules?

I am getting Shatterzone

Best place to find Shatterzone Game Material Cheap

Who would you like to have rewrite Shattezone?

Why not ShatterZone?

[shatterZone] Edeinos and Star Sphere Races from TORG in SZ

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