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Septimus - Single Adventure, Interest Check

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I'd like to run a single adventure Septimus play-by-post. I'd like to have the player group be recent pilgrims to Septimus, for one reason or another, all living in a larger settlement on the surface of the Sphere. Each of the group is a member of the security force that has been pieced together to provide civil order in the settlement and beyond. The settlement is probed by an Aedos fleet, one of the first known major actions of the Dynasty into the Sphere.


Is this a recon for a larger assault? or are there other reasons for the swift probe?


It's going to take me a couple weeks to prep for this. I hope to stay clear of anything other play-by-post GMs will touch upon with Septimus. I'd rather create something "new", a small little corner of this intriguing setting. I'll start with a single adventure, make necessary adjustments, hietus for a couple weeks, then let folks continue with the same characters or try something new if they just haven't meshed well with their character. That will also give folks an "out" if it just isn't working out for you.


If you are interested, and wish to propose a character, go ahead and post a paragraph or two background information only. Don't roll them up until I see the basic background (which you can flesh out during the process of stat'ing the character out).


As I only have a couple nibbles on my Myth Adventures offering, this will be taking it's place. I think there will be more overall interest in Septimus with it's recent release.

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Will probably take a few weeks for the books to propogate outwards to users that weren't at GenCon for a Septimus game (unless the freebie from a year or more ago is enough to create a character and a feel for the setting).

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