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New Cosm Ideas?

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Everyone has that copy of a new cosm sitting around on their computer somewhere, a half finished idea or something they actually used, I'm curious to see what people made, and I'll even post one I worked on a while ago and actually played with... It was fun to visit, but more suited for a Campaign game involving all the cosms...



Washington DC has been invaded, not by the living land, although those borders clash with her own, but by the insidious 3327, who plans to use the expertise and power of the computing centers and intelligence agencies as his own. This plan went awry when the staelae were unable to completely overcome some of the most powerful hardpoints on earth, but it did achieve a new, perhaps more sinister cosm.



Magic: 7

Social: 22

Spirit: 9

Tech: 24


World Laws:

Law of Intrigue: +3 to Stealth or -3 to Perception against Stealthing Characters; +3 to Charm and Persuasion based on Lies/Deception; +3 to persuasion for bribes; +3 Bonus to Trick, reduce Perception Success level by one against disguise; traitors in large groups.


Law of Prodigy: Starting Characters can buy prodigy package (Start with +6 to Tag Skill) for three possibilities.


Law of the Agency: All actions used to detect surveillance or information gathering devices are reduced by -3. Interrogation action Persuasion checks are increased by +3. Surveillance or Information Gathering devices can exist at a tech level 1 higher than the Cosm Axioms.


Law of Shifting Allegiances: Enemies of the past may be allies of the day, especially from the most unlikely source.


Cosm Description:


Washington DC, referred to by some as the Emerald City, is more accurately, the Grey City, with most buildings seemingly poured from concrete molds of the 1950’s. While usually the Federal City is a little dreary, if lively, it has become quieter and darker since the coming of the invasion, people don’t venture from their apartments or houses, and those that do only do so for urgent business. Federal Agencies find themselves up against new threats, both internal and external, and have begun watching everything, using new jurisdictional powers granted by executive order to hunt down, and if necessary, exterminate subversive elements. A silent information war is underway as various agents try to turn each other, either through money or blackmail, or through reality itself.


The outlaying areas of DC, known as the Washington DC-Metro Area, which encompass Baltimore, Loudoun, Prince William, Arlington, Fairfax, and Alexandria Counties, which hold most of the nation’s top research and defense contracting corporations are finding new ways to deal with the new issues they face.


The CIA, FBI, and NSA have been folded into an organization just called "The Agency", they have unprecedented jurisdictional powers and recruit possibility rated field agents, and extremely talented information analysts. They have an uneasy truce with Delphi, who also operates heavily in this area.


What sustains this new Micro-Cosm is relatively unknown to the general populace, although it might be due to the large number of agents, up to 40% of the population are employed by various agencies, from various cosms, the balance of power shifts on a daily basis, perhaps the information gathered is itself sustaining it for now.


This cosm should be played like the political or spy thrillers that have become more popular in the recent days, going in with heavy machine guns or rocket launchers will probably get a group surrounded by Army or National Guard units or even Secret service agents. The feel of the cosm should be more in line with the 1970’s Cold War Era than anything else. If a group is looking to find information on anything, forge invaluable contacts, or to acquire hard to get items, this cosm is the place to go.




News that the RayEon laboratory just south of Washington DC has completed a Prototype Reality Detection System which allows it to detect the reality of individuals, the device is scheduled to be demoed for Agency top officials in the coming days, but already news has reached other groups than yours, and they may be more interested in acquiring the device for their own use, or perhaps just outright destroying it.


GM Note: The Law of Agency, along with the fact that it is an experimental prototype allows this system to operate under laboratory conditions, but that is more than enough for it to be of incredible value to Possibility Raiders, Storm Knights, and Government Agencies.


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