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D6 - Fantasy Game

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I am thinking of trying to run a Fantasy game PbP, using D6


I am thinking of a high magic fantasy game, not entirely dissimilar to FF6 in magic/tech level, but also drawing from works such as Arsenal


I would mostly use Star Wars 2e RE as the base mechanics system, but if possible figure out a way to backconvert from Move scores to Speed dice. Characters however can be designed using any D6 rules system you can find and I have access to, so, D6 Space Opera, Fantasy, Adventure, MiB are all fine choices


Blasters and X-Wings and AT-ATs do not exist. Magitek bows and so forth do however exist, and many of these will use stats suspiciously similar to things which have stats in Star Wars for convenience sake


ie you cannot have a DL-44, but you can have a fireball thrower (it needs a better name)


It will use body points, but, I am thinking I will permit body points to be based off Str or Know (or willpower holding stat of system you make character in), the latter representing 'Yes, I am fully aware I took a sword through the heart, but I am not going to give in to the fact I should be dead'


There will also be a durability skill, raise this and your body points go up (this is based off Earthdawn, and it will not work in null magic zones, but essentially means you have trained your spirit etc toward holding your life force together even when your missing key portions of anatomy)


Body points do not represent 'luck and skill or near misses etc', they represent 'portions of your body that are no longer working because someone put an axe through them', luck and skill are other things


Mages will have 'Magic Points', and they will be required to find/get spells. Magic points are restored by sleeping at the Inn, sleeping using special magic tents, or drinking potions which restore them. Since I am being cruel by inflicting these requirements on mages I will try to find some bonus to make mages worth playing as well


Str based damage is based on either Strength, or Lifting/2, pick whichever you like best (yes, swords can and will end up at times doing more damage than a gun. But swords cant have laser sights and a gyrostabilized sword is just plain silly)


Initiative is based on Dex or Per, pick whichever you like best. There will also be an Initiative skill


Races - if you can stat it, you can play it. But if you want to be something really weird (ie, not human, elf, dwarf, halfling, other normal races Ive heard of) please make sure to give me a nice justification and if possible show me a picture of what the race looks like


Im thinking 100pt builds

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Body Points will I think be be Max (non wild) roll of the Durability Skill (off of Str or Know), _possibly_ times 1.5 or 2


Simplified wound levels will be used


>50% of Body Points = untouched

<50% but still double digits, wounded -1d to all

Single digits, pure adrenaline, no penalties +1d to everything for the remainder of the scene/til healed, but -2d afterwards

0 to -50%, KOed

<-50% dead


If 50% of your health is not double digits, your Pure Adrenaline stage is <3 Body Points

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