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His style of work might. But they might not be willing to pay for his name.


It would go something like this if you asked them about hiring him, "Joss Wheadon? Nope, didn't hire him. We have Joe Wheaton though. 2nd script writer for Transmorphers 2 and creator of Muffy the Dracula Killer. Trust me, this guy is just as good and literally works only for Skittles."

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Joss Whedon has done right by the studio (and vice versa) with "Serenity." It's garnered a high amount of critical acclaim since it was released, even if it wasn't as financially successful as many other films. It does keep getting a better bottom line with purchases of the DVD, so it was far from a failure with everyone concerned.


Now that (according to speculation) Joss Whedon is out from under Fox after the plug was pulled on "Dollhouse" I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he ended up working with SyFy or even NBC. I hope so, anyway - while NBC didn't do right by "Medium" (now on CBS) they've been good to "Heroes" for a lot of years now, and I know from past projects that Whedon could do a series that would probably blow "Heroes" right out of the water.


While SyFy does a lot of cheap stuff, or provides a venue to air it, they'll (like most businesses) spend money to make money. Time will tell.

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