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Found 21 results

  1. Our next game setting, STARFIGHTER will be on Kickstarter in Fall 2014. Keep an eye on us to Starglide your way to the early bird deals.
  2. arcgaden


    We are going to begin final printing on Westward in 1 week. The book is 356 printed pages. We will sell the book for a MSRP of $45.00. ISBN 978-0-9837782-3-3, Library of Congress Control Number: 2013947090 The PDF is being given away free (for now), but our suggested MSRP for that is valued at $10.00. The first 3 people to reply to me on this post will get a free printed copy of Westward (so long as you live in the Continental US because international shipping for free is ridiculous). This is a personal offer you will not get anywhere else but in this forum. Cheers! - J.
  3. “Westward” Ho! The crew at Wicked North Games has put out another piece of work, and I must say, this one is a beauty of a piece! This book is a monster, with 342 pages of gaming material! Everything from the game system to character creation (with lots of extras), details of the known world, including a history Westward, the people of Westward, a tassel of notable characters that can be encountered, a bestiary of both domesticated and wild animals (some you’re familiar with and some completely alien) that comes in at an impressive 48 pages…more than enough for adventuring on the world of Westward, an entire chapter on technology, which includes normal equipment, weapons, and a nice collection of good steampunk items. There’s even a decent section of automatons and vehicles that lend a very thematic feel to the setting. Airships and steam power are the rulers of the sky and land! There is also a Steamech construction section in the book, offering a good variety of potential mechs that can be constructed by rich characters. This has a great selection of chassis, arms, legs, augmentations and weapons that can all be melded together to form your own interesting steampunk styled mech. They even included a selection of fully completed Steamechs for those that just wanted to get into the action right away. Next they have a good section on adventuring, and include a number of quick adventure ideas, put together by such talented people as Wayne Humfleet and Peter Schweighofer! Finally, they provide a much more detailed adventure called “The Incident at Fort Southridge”. This adventure can be used as a good introduction adventure, or a tie-in to a current game. It’s got NPCs, locations, and three episodes to make a good, complete adventure. The book is laid out quite well and is quite legible. This is an improvement from previous offerings from the company. The only thing I found a bit odd, though it wasn't so much as to ruin the mood, was the inclusion of little snippets of text written in an abstract sort of font in various locations. While the text was sometimes pertinent, the font for those outtakes was a bit garish compared to the polish the rest of the book had. The artwork is rich and plentiful, lending great theme to the overall setting. The various pieces of art PUT you into the world of Westward and give you enough to let your mind run wild with “what if’s” and “what a fantastic idea!” sorts of thoughts. Overall, this is a fine piece of work put out by the Wicked North crew. It’s rich with theme, the setting offers plenty of open areas for a gamemaster’s mind to run wild, and there’s enough detail and characters included to help out people completely new to the realm of role playing games. I rate this piece a healthy 4 out of 5 stars. So if you’re looking for a very interesting looking setting with a decent steampunk feel, and a robust yet simple system (hooray for OpenD6!), this is worth picking up!
  4. arcgaden


    How many people would be interested in Azamar, Westward, and future WNG RPG minis?
  5. We have one week remaining on our kickstarter for Westward! We are almost to the $15,000.00 Pledge level! Thank you for the overwhelming support from the D6 Community! A $35.00 Pledge gets you a Hardbound copy and an electronic (PDF) copy of the complete WESTWARD A Steampunk Western Roleplaying Game, a set of twelve (12) silk-screen printed nickel-aluminum six-sided Westward dice (d6). If we hit $15,000.00, each Pledge $35.00 and above will receive both a Game Master Card Deck AND a Game Master Screen. The deck will contain 52 playing cards, usable as a normal playing card deck and as GM Reference cards. The GM References include encounters, quick reference rules... and more! The Game Master Screen will either be a bifold or trifold GM Screen, made from card stock, with the wrap around Westward cover art on one side and GM quick reference tables, charts, and rules on the reverse. These two resources should make a GM ready to quickly run a game, with the intent of speeding up game play. Pledge now! http://kck.st/IMEvHf
  6. I am curious about how many of you consider yourself a Steampunk fan, and whether or not you are interested in or expecting to see anything in particular with Westward? I can confirm that we will have Steampunk vehicles and mechs. We will have an equivalent Steampunk version of cybernetics, going by a special name. As well, there will even be a walking city Steampunk city. I am VERY interested in hearing what you want to see in a Seatmpunk Western. If you are interested, drop a note. - J.
  7. So... Westward is officially delayed. I apologize for the delay, as it is my fault. Why, do you ask? Well, I am in the AF Reserve and am being activated for six months. I will continue to work on it while I am gone, but this slows down our production schedule. With that, we are solidifying, committing to, and announcing a publishing date of October 1st, 2012. We will have the majority of the book laid out already by then, and I think that you will be quite happy with the completed core book. We are already very far along, but we are keeping a higher bar for ourselves this time around, and will work to continue improving on our product. You can expect more from Westward, than Azamar. The intent with Azamar is to produce a quality product, with a world of depth of an inviting story. As well, I will update this post soon as we launch our Kickstarter pre-order event, (and helping to fund Azamar). If you have ANY questions or concerns or anything you just want to yell at me about, now is the time. I report on March 5th. - J.
  8. arcgaden


    Head on over and take a look at the pencil roughs by Tyler Walpole for the cover art of Westward: https://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/WickedNorth The cover art this time is a wrap around cover, meant to capture the struggle of survival in the badlands of this Steampunk Western.
  9. Down load the currently FREE Road to Azamar Adventure! http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=99280&filters=0_0_0_0_0&manufacturers_id=3910
  10. Handling Vehicles: In most cases, vehicles present a unique situation when combined with combat. Most vehicles move at high speeds and do not “get tired”. The following rules help to provide a unique way to determine quickly what happens when the action is fast. All vehicles have stats associated with them. The four stats we care about are Mobility, Max Speed, Acceleration, and Deceleration. These four stats provide the player with the information needed to roll to control the vehicle when in a combat Sequence, or while under pressure or time constraints, for example: as when a character has a bomb strapped to them and must deliver a package by a certain time or it will explode. Mobility provides the number of extra dice the player rolls when using a specific vehicle. The Max Speed simply provides informational background on how long it takes the vehicle to go from point A to point B, as well as a ceiling for the vehicle in terms of outrunning a pursuer. Acceleration is the number of spaces a vehicle moves from a complete stop. After starting to move, the Acceleration multiplies by the number of Sequences the vehicle already moved to determine its current move. For instance: A truck begins moving forward with Acceleration: 10. It begins moving 10 spaces in the first Sequence, in the second Sequence, it moves 10 x 1 or 10 spaces, and in the third Sequence, it moves 10 x 2 or 20 spaces, and so on. Deceleration, works in a similar, but more abrupt fashion. The intent with deceleration is to stop. From Max Speed, the time it takes to come to a stop suddenly is three combat Sequences, or eighteen (18) seconds. The Deceleration provides the distance the vehicle travels in one Sequence once the vehicle has “slammed on the brakes”. Heavier vehicles have more momentum, so they possess a greater Deceleration value. In some cases, the terrain may add complications to the Mobility, Acceleration, or Deceleration of a vehicle. Please use the following reference for guidance on how to handle these complications with vehicles on open roads. Terrain Conditions Mobility Penalty Acceleration Penalty Deceleration Penalty Paved road Normal - - - Paved road Wet -3 -1 +3 Paved road Icy -4 -3 +4 Dirt road Normal -1 -1 +1 Dirt road Wet -4 -2 +4 Dirt road Icy -5 -4 +5 Off-road Normal -3 -3 +3 Off-road Wet -7 -4 +6 Off-road Icy -8 -5 +7 Description: [Free Text] Name: [Free Text] Type: (Mech/Tram/Carriage/Wagon/Dirigible/AllTerrain) Length: (Meters) Weight: (Metric Tons) Scale: Minor/Personnel/Vehicle/Metro Crew Required: 1 to Many Crew Recemmended: 1 to Many Number of Passengers: 0 to Many Cargo Capacity: (Metric Tons) Cost: The standard currency is called Bits, large items are purchased using Kilos (1,000 Bits) Mobility: 1d-6d Hit Points: 12 x Structure Dice Armor Points: 0-12 x Armor Dice Structure: 1d-6d Armor: 0-6d Max Speed: Maximum speed, measured in KM/H Acceleration: Measured in Spaces (1-60) Deceleration: Measured in Spaces (1-60) WEAPONS (if any) 0 - Many Name: [Free Text] Scale: Minor/Pesonnel/Vehicle/Metro Type: Single/Crew-Served (Requires 1 or 2 people) Fire Control: 0-6d Damage (Short/Medium/Long): Short: 3x 1-6 Medium: 3x 1-6 subtract 3 Long: 3x 1-6 subtract 6 RANGE (S/M/L): Short: 0 to Many Medium: 0 to Many, Greater than Short Long: 0 to Many, Greater than Medium Rate of Fire: Single, Burst, Full Auto
  11. Head on over and take a look at the cover art for the Cinema6 core rulebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/WickedNorth
  12. Presented here is a new variance in Character Creation that GMs can use as a tool with Cinema6. Feel free to take a look. It is going into the updated Cinema6 Core Rules as an alternate and optional approach to character creation that GMs can provide to add extra layers to a role-playing experience. Player Character Template Packages The Player Character Template Packages are designed to specifically address the styles of gameplay that players exhibit, and to find ways within the rules of Cinema6 to encourage a role-playing experience outside of a Player's "comfort zone". We have architected that players can fit nicely into one of three slots: Warriors, Priests, and Scholars. The Warrior is representative of players who play to dominate others or advance their characters quickly and surpass others as a matter of personal pride. Priests are people who enjoy dong a lot more of the social gaming, enjoying the interactions and socialization atmosphere of gaming. A Scholar is one who plays intellectually, trying to brainstorm alternative and creative ways a character can interact with a gaming world. The basics of the Player Character Templates: - All Player Character Templates get the Character Feature Synergist for free - Tag Skills permanently cost x1 Cinema Points to increase - Collaborative Player Incentive: When a party has at least two characters with the different Player Character Templates, those two or more characters get +1 Cinema Point at the end of every game episode or session. Individual Optional Incentives: - When a Priest character takes action without trying to interact socially first (ie "talk things out"), the character gains +1 Cinema Point. - When a Warrior character takes no action, when the character would normally get provoked the character gains +1 Cinema Point. - When a Scholar character takes action without thinking about it first, (ie ask lots of questions about the situation, plan tactics), the character gains +1 Cinema Point. Priest At Character Creation (only one): _ Aptitude or Persona +1d Select an Advantage (only one): _ Raising Persona Skills always cost 2 Points less, minimum cost of 1 _ Pick two Tag Skills _ +9 Hit Point maximum _ +2 Move Priest characters have a tendence to look for ways to talk things out, using deception and persuasion before other methods to settle disputes. As well, Priest Characters are more sensitive to the others, but just as practiced at concealing their own intentions. Priest characters often end up as counselors, clergy, diplomats, doctors, and medics. Priest characters are more level headed than Warriors, and more emotional than Scholars. Warrior At Character Creation (only one): _ Dexterity or Strength +1d Select an Advantage (only one): _ Raising Dexterity Skills always cost 1 Point less, minimum cost of 1 _ Pick one Tag Skill _ +12 Hit Point maximum _ +3 Move Warrior characters do a lot of acting without forethought, using wit and natural consequences as a primary way in dealing with others. Warrior characters are often blindly passionate, rarely putting logic and thoughtfulness into their daily actions. Warrior characters often turn to working as lawyers, mercenaries, merchants, performers, and soldiers. Warrior characters are more emotional than Priests, and more personable than Scholars. Scholar At Character Creation (only one): _ Aptitude or Intellect +1d Select an Advantage (only one): _ Raising Intellect Skill always cost 3 Points less, minimum cost of 1 _ Pick three Tag Skills _ +6 Hit Point maximum _ +1 Move Scholar characters enjoy pondering all the possibilities, and try to present all the options for logical discussion when posed with problems to solve. Scholar characters are normally overly logical and analytical, having a difficult time employing ethics or emotion to their ideas. Scholar characters often become explorers, politicians, scientists, teachers, and researchers. Scholar characters are more logical than Priests, and calmer than Warriors. Player Character Template Development As a Priest, Scholar, and Warrior character advance, they also have the opportunity to purchase all Synergist-related Character Features at half (1/2) the cost in Cinema Points.
  13. Azamar sale! 10-01-2011 thru 10-31-2011 PDF $2.50 http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/​index.php?discount=24968 HC $20.00 http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/​index.php?discount=53326 SC $12.00 http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/​index.php?discount=54096
  14. Check it out at: http://cinema6games.com/blog/?p=1103
  15. We are about to begin developing adventure/micro-world supplements. I want to solicit the community about what you'd like to see. If you write here and let me know, I will try to make it happen, including custom character sheets and more comprehensive Cinema6 source material that can be used right out of the box. Thank you for your thoughts! - J.
  16. We are working hard on producing supplemental material for Azamar. The first one will include new character sheets and artwork, a Character Feature Index, and a re-touched adventure and mini-campaign, The Road to Azamar. We may also toss in some other goodies as we develop them during this timeline. Keep checking back! For now, check out the draft Character Feature Index: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/33921003/Azamar_Charater_Features_Index.pdf - J.
  17. You should go here! (Print on demand coming soon for international buyers) http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product_info.php?products_id=94517
  18. We have the soft covers now in hand and in stock. - J.
  19. Azamar is now VERY close to printing. We are waiting patiently (and somewhat impatiently) on various pieces of art pouring in now. We recently brought in a new a staff member, who will have a bio up soon on our site. Azamar is packed full of awesomeness, and contains plenty of the flexibility, fun, and speed you come to expect with OpenD6 gaming. Check out the Wicked North Games Facebook page, follow us on twitter, or check out our blog to get the latest news. We are teasing a comprehensive update for the end of the week! - J.
  20. There is ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT to pledge to the Azamar Kickstarter. Can you spare $1.00? Did you already get your taxes back like me? Need something to do with $30.00? Pledge now and get a soft cover print version of Azamar the RPG! http://kck.st/gxFtgH - J.
  21. arcgaden


    We are currently in the process of finalizing on an artist for the Azamar cover and will add to this thread next week about moving forward with an established artist in the gaming community who has also been featured in Heavy Metal Magazine. We are excited about this since it will complement and frame the idea of Azamar into a single picture. Despite our kickstarter project not hitting the funding goal, we are proceeding forward and continuing to progress, albeit slightly more slowly now, to completion. A great deal of work on the project thus far has yielded great fruits, and Azamar now looks to have grown significantly since its inception. The magic system is now more streamlined than ever, where magic users take their place as significant and powerful characters, especially in the scheme of fantasy where they are traditionally physically weaker. We are also making a decision to move forward with a cartography artist soon, also announcing that artist as part of the project. We plan on getting most major landmarks and locations in Azamar mapped out in some form or fashion, at some point. The first sourcebook primarily covers the surface of Azamar, a secondary sourcebook will follow in the coming year or two with more depth on the Inferium and Molten Deep. The pantheon is almost wrapped up and added into the sourcebook. We are beginning a process of heavy editing now, and deciding on areas of interest for focus with artwork and rules amplifications to bring slightly more emphasis to certain aspects of the world. Thanks! - Jeremy
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