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  1. Happy New Year. My how things have changed here! I have been in limited contact with Magman in my absense but for those who are interested, here is an update on me. My PC problem was determined by paid professionals to be a corrupted OS (Windows Vista). They said that it very well could have been caused by a virus or trojan, but they are not sure about the cause. I can tell you that in general I am very security-minded on the internet and do not fall for phishing scams and the like. I had let my anti-virus update subscription expire before having problems, but I maintained regular weekly viral scanning. After renewing my anti-virus update subscription and doing a full-system scan, it found and eliminated several problems but that had no impact on my my slow and non-responsive OS (perhaps the damage had already been done by then). The paid professionals stated that some particularly sneaky new viruses are not detectable by anti-virus programs for several months, so even if I had an active update subscription at the time my problem first occured, the possible virus may have gotten by my anti-virus program anyway. I'm updating some things and re-downloading some programs to get my computer back to something similar to what it was. While all 38 GB of my music was backed-up, all of my iTunes playlists and song info editing to my music are gone so I have to start over by organizing my music into a more usuble form. My system crash also inconveniently coincided with a change in my internet service which requires me to start using another e-mail address and updating all of my web registrations and contacts. I had to pay over $300 to get my computer restored to the far-from-complete state it it in, and I have had to go almost my entire 12-day vacation from work completely without my computer! I do not know if I got a virus from this board so it would be unfair to assume so, but then again I also can't disregard the possibility. I have to admit that as much as I enjoy this community, I am torn about visiting this site because it might have been the source of my troubles, and I am not aware of any preventative measures being put in place to eliminate the possibility of this site getting a virus again in the future, even three years down the road from now. I do NOT want to have to experience the troubles I have been (and will continue to experience for some time). And I am going into the busiest four months of the year at work. Even if I decide to continue participating in this site, it will likely be a while before I am to the point of being able to do so.
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