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Found 3 results

  1. I only played TORG a few times when it first came out, but I have been collecting WEG RPGs so have been on the lookout for a good deal on a complete TORG box set. I finally acquired the original TORG box set. I found it sealed in plastic bag in a locked cabinet at one of my local Half-Price books stores with a $35 price tag. The box was in pretty good shape, and I had a coupon that gave me 50% off one item. So after tax I paid less than $20.00. The inner contents are in near-mint condition. It is obvious that this game only had one previous owner and was never played, only gently read. The drama deck cards were punched out but all perfect. And I made sure not a single one was missing, including the several blank ones they give you. Everything was accounted for except for the d20 (which was specified as missing on the price sticker). Score! Now I can say my RPG collection has every WEG game (except not every published worldbook for Masterbook). Now that I have the TORG box set, I plan on getting Kansas Jim's rules upgrade book to go with it. That should give me just about every major published edition of every WEG game. I may also get a setting book for the pulp Egypt reality because that was the most interesting TORG cosm to me. Question for you TORG guys: What type of d20 came with the original box set so I can try to buy a replacement as close as possible to the original die? Thanks!
  2. Hi, By chance, I've read a news about Nocturnal purchasing WEG. https://www.nocturnal-media.com/blog/2016/4/13/nocturnal-media-acquires-west-end-games They are not clear about the OpenD6 licence... Someone knows what (will) happen with od6 ? Thanx (I've made quick search on the forum but didn't found anything : maybe i'm dumb or else, thanks to moderator to move my post if necessary)
  3. Echo Station: The West End Crisis Interesting!
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