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Found 2 results

  1. As a game it will have a few rules. 1. Brevity We're not CREATING it here, just proposing the idea in very general terms. 2. No Licensed Worlds There is no guarantee that the license could be attained or even affordable. 3. Try Not To Be Obscure Think of the eventual hypothetical "public" and their often woefully inadequate knowledge of history. 4. Quirky Is OK, In Measured Doses. Try to think beyond the momentary giggle factor.
  2. With the upcoming sale, I've decided to go over my "shopping list" of what needs to be in the new edition. (Based upon the box set version of the rulebook) 1. Concise rules review. The rules for TORG are all over the place in the book. Just trying to determine what rules exist takes a determined list of page numbers for reference. Sometimes an easy photocopiable sheet with the rules in short form (along with a page number to review the longer version) is a very nice perk indeed. White Wolf offers several such pages and so do many other RPGs I imagine. 2. INDEX!!! How in the hell did they NOT deem an index necessary???? Together with #1, it would alleviate a lot of frustration. 3. Proper Organization. The rulebook might have been designed to teach the game by increasing the complexity per chapter (which is debatable, both in the intent and the level of success), but the book generally fails as an actual reference. Most uses of a rulebook after the initial read are for reference purposes. 4. Reprint rules. If the core has a section with 6 pages each of info about some sample Cosms, I'd really prefer it if that info were represented in in the followup independent sourcebook. Going to the worldbook from the box set for about 6 pages of info and then juggling it with the followup sourcebook which assumes you know it but never again references it or even alerts you to potential changes due to expanded rules. 5. AXIOMS No holes please. Say SOMETHING! If an Axiom level really does nothing, what in the heck is it there for? If it DOES do something, then alert us to that -- no matter how insignificant it might seem to be. Furthermore, certain Axioms probably could use a "shorthand" example. "Wild West"/ "Victorian" / "WWI" / "WW2" -- if for other reason than that the example probably will give a better initial understanding than several paragraphs worth. 6. The more skills involved in the main book, the better it will be for players trying to get started on character design.
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