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Found 11 results

  1. I only played TORG a few times when it first came out, but I have been collecting WEG RPGs so have been on the lookout for a good deal on a complete TORG box set. I finally acquired the original TORG box set. I found it sealed in plastic bag in a locked cabinet at one of my local Half-Price books stores with a $35 price tag. The box was in pretty good shape, and I had a coupon that gave me 50% off one item. So after tax I paid less than $20.00. The inner contents are in near-mint condition. It is obvious that this game only had one previous owner and was never played, only gently read. The drama deck cards were punched out but all perfect. And I made sure not a single one was missing, including the several blank ones they give you. Everything was accounted for except for the d20 (which was specified as missing on the price sticker). Score! Now I can say my RPG collection has every WEG game (except not every published worldbook for Masterbook). Now that I have the TORG box set, I plan on getting Kansas Jim's rules upgrade book to go with it. That should give me just about every major published edition of every WEG game. I may also get a setting book for the pulp Egypt reality because that was the most interesting TORG cosm to me. Question for you TORG guys: What type of d20 came with the original box set so I can try to buy a replacement as close as possible to the original die? Thanks!
  2. I saw the post from Eric saying that he was in the final negotiations with another company who would get the TORG license. That was months ago. Does anyone know who owns it now? BennyG
  3. HI all. I'm in the formative months of a new online campaign and at the moment the protagonists are undergoing their own little intro processes. None of them are in the meat of the war proper yet. The Stalenger Optant is undertaking a vision quest which will set him on a path contrary to Baruk Kaah's wants and is "literally" divinely contributed. The Elven Dragon Rider is solving a small murder mystery in Elvenport and at the same time seeking out an important Sage who her boss needs to help translate a scroll that the victim of the aforementioned murder brought to him. The Nippon Tech Ronin is in contract negotiations with his latest employer and will be covertly hitching a ride with the next transport to the newly opening maelstrom Market. and the Core Earth University Physicist is currently running the 7 kilometers back to his lab as the Nile Empire invasion and axiom wash take place "literally" around him. By the time he gets back to his lab and his newly "glamoroused by Nile Empire axioms" lab assistant he too will have transformed and experienced his moment of crisis. Now, on to what I am here to mine ideas for. I want to have a good old fashioned prophecy taking place through out the campaign. Hints can be dropped here and there and the PC's will feature as protagonists in the prophetic texts.. Note I said Texts. Because I want a version of this prophecy in one form or another to be present in "each" reality. Now the Nile Empire, LivingLand and Aysle versions are easy. NE - Excavations at the newly discovered burial chamber of Pharoah XYZ feature unusual cartouches and relief showing figures who do not exactly fit the period. LL _ Well the words of the prophecy will come from Lanala's lips to the priests ears during his vision quest. Got to love that high Spirit Axiom and its enabling travel to mythic regions. Aysle - The details of the prophecy are going to be in a very Eddings'esque document, the Ephemeris of Viim. An enchanted scroll penned by a bonkers ex priest of Elmiir whose descent through madness saw him switching to Arthuk and then ultimately Corba'al with his dedications (you may note all Gods with True Knowledge in their remit). The scroll is only one big page of vellum but it contains many many layers of information that need to be accessed magically.. but in classic patchwork aysle this may soemtimes come at a price.. It is a corrupt item after all. But the Nippon Tech one is causing me some problems as it's low spirit and Magic do not lend it easily towards any kind of prophecy. So I need some help with the idea here. I have had a few thoughts already. First was to make the prophecy text come from an ancient source, Buddhist or Palanic. But that meant it would be set in stone and I couldn't tweak it (well i could but that would also mean writing the original text so vague as to be nigh on irrelevant) My second idea, and this is what I am favouring at the moment, was that the Nippon variant of this comes in the form of stock reports and market forecasts, anything that is essentially of that "data rich business format". The patterns of the prophecy then become manifest as anomalies and innaccuracies that are minor but inexplicably present across the data. Analysts have tried to explain them but they are so far unable to do so and have started to categorise them as market fluctuations etc. Variables without cause. I was going to assign each "variable" a kanji (japanese character - Joy (optant) , Brain (physicist), sword (ronin) and arrow (dragon rider)) and the reference will be used by the market analysts in whatever corp the data crops up in (coincidence.. ). Now I "like" this idea and can expand on it.. but in the absence of any potential supernatural agency to drive the prophecy it coems down to trying to explain "how" this is actually occurring.. and I am not well enough versed in social cience to effectively come up with some kind of plausible meta-consciousness babble to justify it. So, any ideas or suggestions?
  4. Originally TORG took some of the most popular fiction "meta-settings" (which could be aggregated into genres) of what was popular in the 80s to make the different Cosms. Orrorsh seemed to be the Lovecraftian Horror, in which the protagonists were up against a much more powerful opposition similar to the style of Lovecraft's work. A great deal of exploration and discovery leading up to the final sanity blasting horror at the end of the trail. Aysle was a predominantly "generic fantasy" in the (A)D&D style. etc, etc, etc. But what is popular NOW? Harry Potter for one, a "Potter-ized" fantasy game might be of distinct value. I could as easily have listed the show Charmed as well. Maybe even Winx. A "modern fantasy" setting overall. Zombies are increasingly popular, thus an AFMBE/zombie armageddon style setting might be of interest. But I'm drawing a blank for others. What else is popular right now?
  5. Going through the books recently, I could swear I saw a map to a gin joint in a second source -other than the Nile Empire SB. Then, when I went back to try and find it, I couldn't recall what book it was in. I've found the Icarus Club in IU#1, but that's not it. There are a few in the Bloodshadows books I own, but those also aren't what I'm looking for. I thought it was in a Adventure or one of the citybooks, but I'm not seeing it. Can anyone help me out? Either by proving I'm legally blind, or telling me I'm imagining things. Thanks.
  6. This will be the title of a discussion in the rules section of the Compleat Magick project I started last year. But rather than impose my ideas on the question, I want a feel for how the rest of the Torg infiniverse feels about it. When you answer, please anticipate and deal with follow-up questions. Here are two likely paths that such a question could take, together with the next obvious follow-up: "What do you mean? Of course wizards run around in tin cans!" If that is the case, why don't warriors learn magic? "They don't run around in tin cans because then they wouldn't be wizards." Why is that? Is it because the tin can harms their casting in a way not yet defined? Even if your base answer differs from the above, please try to be as complete as possible and anticipate follow-up.
  7. On behalf of the TORG loyalists here, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to the people at Ulisses for taking on the project of resurrecting TORG. As with any new owner, anything that makes it to print will be different than what we may expect. With that end, I invite the new owners to share ideas of what may be forthcoming. Here are some specific questions that I would invite them to answer, if it will not jeopardize their copyright or marketing strategy: Are there going to be major changes to the mechanics? What, if anything will change about the character creation system? It has been stated that the setting is not current. Will the setting be the original Possibility Wars updated to be relevant to today, a setting that deals with the aftermath of the original Possibility Wars, or something completely different? Will there be new mechanics, such as a cosm creation tool? Have the other fan development sites and mailing lists been examined and scoured for ideas? Is there a plan to poll the fan base for what they would like to see in TORG? If there are other questions that people would like to ask, feel free.
  8. As a game it will have a few rules. 1. Brevity We're not CREATING it here, just proposing the idea in very general terms. 2. No Licensed Worlds There is no guarantee that the license could be attained or even affordable. 3. Try Not To Be Obscure Think of the eventual hypothetical "public" and their often woefully inadequate knowledge of history. 4. Quirky Is OK, In Measured Doses. Try to think beyond the momentary giggle factor.
  9. With the upcoming sale, I've decided to go over my "shopping list" of what needs to be in the new edition. (Based upon the box set version of the rulebook) 1. Concise rules review. The rules for TORG are all over the place in the book. Just trying to determine what rules exist takes a determined list of page numbers for reference. Sometimes an easy photocopiable sheet with the rules in short form (along with a page number to review the longer version) is a very nice perk indeed. White Wolf offers several such pages and so do many other RPGs I imagine. 2. INDEX!!! How in the hell did they NOT deem an index necessary???? Together with #1, it would alleviate a lot of frustration. 3. Proper Organization. The rulebook might have been designed to teach the game by increasing the complexity per chapter (which is debatable, both in the intent and the level of success), but the book generally fails as an actual reference. Most uses of a rulebook after the initial read are for reference purposes. 4. Reprint rules. If the core has a section with 6 pages each of info about some sample Cosms, I'd really prefer it if that info were represented in in the followup independent sourcebook. Going to the worldbook from the box set for about 6 pages of info and then juggling it with the followup sourcebook which assumes you know it but never again references it or even alerts you to potential changes due to expanded rules. 5. AXIOMS No holes please. Say SOMETHING! If an Axiom level really does nothing, what in the heck is it there for? If it DOES do something, then alert us to that -- no matter how insignificant it might seem to be. Furthermore, certain Axioms probably could use a "shorthand" example. "Wild West"/ "Victorian" / "WWI" / "WW2" -- if for other reason than that the example probably will give a better initial understanding than several paragraphs worth. 6. The more skills involved in the main book, the better it will be for players trying to get started on character design.
  10. TORG is still quite quite dead. Its probably just as well that my interest wanes away to nearly nothing these days.
  11. In the effort to systematize TORG's magic system (a task that has proven to be at least three times as gargantuan as imagined), I would like to make sure I have al the spells that have already been published. Below is a list of places I have already considered in finding spells. If you know of any that are found in other places, please let me know. Once this part is done, I will want to invite people to submit their own spell designs. Currently, I am working from the following set of materials: Torg Rulebook Torg, Revised & Expanded Torg Worldbook Aysle Sourcebook Pixaud's Practical Grimoire Orrorsh Sourcebook Nile Empire Sourcebook Delphi Council Worldbook, Volume I Storm Knights' Guide to the Possibility Wars Queenswrath Tharkold Sourcebook The Possibility Chalice adventure Infiniverse Newsletters
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