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  1. What I did over my summer vacation By Jerry Dewayne Grayson Period 3, 10.5.2010 I’ve been fiddling around with a few things lately. My next D6’ish project called Terra Oblivion. Terra Oblivion is a postapocalyptic fantasy that mixes my whacky skewed sensibilities of high action super heroics with horror and old school D&D…with a little Gamma World thrown in and some Mexican wrestling Think Dragon Riders of Pern meets Black Company, meets Hawkmoon, meets Gormenghast, and a bit of Tropic of Cancer It uses a legend-like system to run it with aspects of D6 Powers and GODSEND Agenda mixed in. My Wednesday night game will be the first test drive of the new slimmed down and sexy system. Since it rotated back to me and everyone wanted to play a Sci-fi game we decided to do Star Wars in the Tales of the Jedi era. Not my first choice of sci-fi since I’ve played so much but I took it as a challenge to test the new system. Amazingly it fits very well with what Terra Oblivion will be about. My sensibilities about Jedi are very simple and straight forward and throw out almost all the EU stuff in favor of the movies and TV series that have been presented over the years (even the Holiday Special). The Jedi are pretty easy to stat up since they really only have 6, maybe 7 powers and the other characters are easy to model as well. Most aliens are built just like human with bumps on their heads and strange colors unless they have some sort of strange ability like the ability to breathe water or wings. I’ve presented the character sheet for Terra with a Star Wars logo tacked on for you to have a look at. The skills have been slimmed down and distilled but I still have a lot of work to do. I’ll try and post the PCs once they have them all done so that you can see how the game works.
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