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Found 7 results

  1. Use this thread to post Out Of Character notes and banter. This is the place you would notify me of pending absence and make fun of me to no end.
  2. At the start of this thread, I am going to do a few days of open role-playing as the GM; similar to what Lee did for the character Hanumal, but in a shorter space of time. It is a preface thread for now. Once I am done with this presentation portion (the "prelude" if you will) we can begin. This is just an opportunity for me to experiment with some of the initial NPCs and the environment itself. Please keep in mind as I do this, that your characters will not be aware of everything stated or implied throughout. Please keep that in mind as you begin the adventure. I'm not going to leak so much that the adventure loses it's spice, but there will be things you see and learn that are to emote an epic adventure movie in effect. I tend to take a director's role, and not just a writer in PbP games. It allows for the player characters to expand upon the situation more.
  3. I compiled these terms from Tsolyáni language references around the internet, and with the works of Professor Barker. I thought I'd share the list with everyone in case someone wanted to make use of the formatting while composing posts for the game. I know when I was writing the prequel thread it took some running about to get the words with their diacritical marks in place, so perhaps I can save my fellow players a little effort! I'll be updating the thread from time to time to introduce new terms. I encourage the players (and GM, of course) to join in - I hope it'll be a good shared resource for our game... Appendix: Tsolyáni Baletl = spirit Brumazik lel Changya! = Goodbye, and Thank You! Brusivel = Just a moment Changadésha = Medium Infantry Chegúkh = Please (or) Thank you (literally "a kindness") Dritlán = Colonel Epü = 1,500 kilograms Heréksa = Lieutenant Hrúgash = Grand High Priest Huáthudalisa = Senior Master-Craftsman Kási = Captain Kengyél = Acolyte Kérdudali = Senior General kirén = 30 minutes Kuruthúni = Heavy Infantry Molkár = Major Ngangmura = Greetings Niqómi = Legion prúkh = one Qadárdà likoi = “Great War” is all-out war waged without mercy or remorse. Qadárnikoi = “Little War” are ritual battles fought between small forces – often in peacetime – with the goal of attaining glory for the participants. Qusúnchu = High Priest Rashang = ceremony Rashángto = Chief Ritual Priest Ssa = Yes Suntalikh = dinner Sunúz = Artificial language of the Priests of the One Other (Pariah Deity) ténmre = 3 hours Tirrikámu = Sergeant/Junior Lieutenant tloyál = five Tòquntúsmidà lisa= You of awed wonder: to a prince or princess who is an heir to the Petal Throne. tsán = 1.33 kilometers Tsurúm = unit of 400 soldiers tùsmichán = you of gentle chiding: to a respectable person whom one wishes to belittle, ridicule, or scold mildly. Tùsmikáng = you of martial victory: to a soldier through the rank of Kási Tùsmiketlán= You of polite anonymity: to a respectable-appearing person whose precise social rank can not be distinguished. tùsmikrú= you of courteous alienness: to a non-human. tùsmitlakomélu= you of profound submission: to a person of noble status - a governor, high imperial official, general, etc. vraithurukh = robe Ya = No Yarsúr = Hobbyist or Amateur Yóm = 90 seconds Legion of the Mighty Prince (5th Heavy Infantry) semétl = squad of 20 soldiers, led by a tirrikámu 5 semétl = karéng = company of 100 soldiers, led by a heréksa with 5 subordinate tirrikámu 4 karéng = tsurúm = cohort of 400 soldiers, led by a kási with 4 subordinate heréksa Each legion has two molkár who command the left and right wings of the niqómi in battle, and two dritlán who assist the kérdu as his staff. 10 tsurúm = half a niqómi = half-legion of 4,000 soldiers, led by a molkár with 10 subordinate kási 20 tsurúm = niqómi = legion of 8,000 soldiers, led by a kérdu or kérdudali with 20 subordinate kási
  4. This will be the thread to track events in Mathin's life for the week/s leading up to the main campaign thread; where all three/four characters will meet. Janus, I will post a starting blurb before letting you go to town on some prequel posting. I may not be able to get the background blurb up until late Sunday night.
  5. This will be the thread to track events in Hanumal's life for the week/s leading up to the main campaign thread; where all three/four characters will meet. See the Game Information thread for Hanumal's official character sheet. Lee, I will post a starting blurb before letting you go to town on some prequel posting. I may not be able to get the background blurb up until late Sunday night.
  6. Non-Canon Tekumel Histories, Books, Scrolls, and Writs Scroll 1.001 Excerpts of missing text from Korunkoi hiKheshdu hiMru'rgayal ("The Book of Sending Forth the Hated Dead.")
  7. Hey. [Pulls out Will GM For Food placard]... I would like to take a stab again at gathering interest in a Fantasy play-by-post game. There are a lot of space opera PbP here now, and perhaps folks would like a little fantasy on the side. I'm thinking of finding an OSRIC or Labyrinth Lord free module online for a starting point and working my way out and about from there as a baseline. Any takers? Think straight up AD&D using D6. That would be what I'm shooting for, but of course not bound by the leveling. D6 Fantasy would be the core book I would use. I can be convinced to GM something entirely different as well.
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