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Found 2 results

  1. From a Future Stranger than Fiction... Despite having unquestionably the largest extant military machine of any Terran polity, the Union of the Americas has nevertheless embarked on a new construction program aimed at modernizing their orbital fleet. This program hinges on an ambitious new design for a military spaceplane that combines the best traits of the UA's venerable Heinlein-series rockets and the hard lessons learned during the Great Space War. In addition to three fully detailed maps, this 22 page PDF includes: The history of the Vesperides' design and development, A full explanation of all rooms in the interior and all major systems in the spacecraft Adventure seeds and tips for GMs on how to use the rocket in a Black Desert or OpenD6 campaign, Ship's statistics in the OpenD6 rules variation used in The Black Desert Campaign Setting, And a complete set of four battle maps for use with one inch square counters and miniatues!
  2. First of all, those who don't know what The Black Desert is should look here. Back? Good. Now I've been making supplements for this setting for over a year now. Mostly, these are spacecraft deck plans, with occasional other info on the setting. I decided to start putting out product before the actual game existed because it would give me valuable experience in the industry, a more valuable fan base, and a little cash on the side. The problem, of course, is that making a Core Book is a huge undertaking for a person working alone and now I have people looking forward to a game that may take another year to release. Whoopsie... That being said, is a Core Book for a game system that's been around for all these years necessary? Hear me out; I'm not talking about abandoning the idea completely, just changing it up a bit. After all, one of the advantages of on-line publishing and the Open D6 movement is that we don't have to do things the same way we have since Gygax rolled out the Basic D&D game in the 70's. We can try something different. One of the advantages of working in such a well known rules system as D6 is that you can be playing a Black Desert campaign right now, with nothing but the info I've already released. That being said, I know that many RocketFans are looking forward to more info about the setting...but not necessarily the rules. The first Back Desert campaign, for example, was played using Pathfinder. With all this in mind, would it be more fun to get setting supplements to existing D6, such as the available races, templates, and of course the spacecraft, than a full Core Book? I would have to release a setting guide, that much is certain, but as for the rest,people could be using the existing rules with a few add-ons, rather than waiting for a full core book. The more I think about it, the more I feel I may have better luck with a spread of cheap setting guides for D6 than a full Core Book. I can always put them all together with refinements based on actual play later. So that's my idea; to make supplements instead of a full Core Book right off the bat. Many of you may be wondering just what such a series of supplements would entail. For one thing, would they be compatible with Classic D6 (a la Star Wars) or would it be more in line with Open D6: Space? Would they just include setting info or would crunchy rules be involved as well? Would these little books be worth the money? That all depends, I guess. As for the "fluff" of the BD setting, I think that it should be included in all the supplements, as at least a basic version. The time-line will go in everyone, for example. As for the rules they will be compatible with...Honestly, I'm thinking of using all of them. Hear me out; I will include the current drafts of the BD6 rules system currently in development, with appropriate parts also repeated in both Classic and Open D6. This way, you can play The Black Desert any way you like that involves the D6. Confused yet? Don't be. It will go a little like this: My proposed format for Black Desert supplements will include the setting's time-line and brief info about the setting. Depending on the subject,Species and Characters for example, the bulk of the document will be about the BD6 rules for that topic. In our example, there will be the new species, with lots of fluff about there place in the BD setting, the technical info about the species in the BD6 system. At the end of each entry, there will be info on the species in Open and Classic D6. After that, there will be Character Templates in BD, Open and Classic D6. After that, I'm sure I'll include some Adventure seeds and Hooks for games, because I always do that. Call it 20 to 30 pages, with the templates and artwork. Some supplements will not have so much info. The Basics and Skills supplement won't have so much for Open or Classic D6, for example, but will include lots of fun stuff for Gamers and GMs wanting new ways to roll up Characters. The Spacecraft and Combat supplement will not include a redux of all of our deck plans, but it will include revised stats for all of our spacecraft (on an awesome new sheet) as well as Classic and Open D6 stats, which I have received requests for. The fun part of all of this is at the end of each supplement. I will be including a survey about the BD6 rules. Questions about ease of use, ease of understanding, and most important, how they worked in play. Those of you who complete a survey will receive play-test credit and an exclusive gift. That's the idea so far; I could use as much feedback and input as possible.
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