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Found 4 results

  1. At this time, besides my Fantasy Setting RPG, I am working on a rewrite of the Star Wars Role-Playing Game that I am calling Star Wars D6 (called SWD6). I am using the D6 Space as a primary basis for the system, but am including aspects of both the WEG Star Wars 2nd Edition (called SWRPG) as well as the Star Wars Saga Edition from WOTC (called SWSE). This is currently just a homebrew RPG, but if it is picked up by Lucasarts, I wouldn’t mind. Rather than the template system that all of the Open D6 games utilizes, this one actually uses a modified “class” system similar to the SWSE. However, unlike the full class system, this one includes only a number of skills (similar to a template) and a handful of special abilities open to only that character. It is more of a selectable template than an actual class. In the SWD6, these are called backgrounds. Every background has a number of focuses available to it. The focus is a list of special abilities that affect game play and/or die rolls. Initially, a character can select a single focus with a single ability from that focus. However, for a character point cost, the character can purchase new abilities and new focuses. Force sensitive characters (Jedi initially and any with the purchase of Force sensitivity) also have a number of focuses and abilities open to them later for the same costs (Control, Sense, Alter, and Dark Side). The skills are relatively untouched from SWRPG. However, I have separated the archaic guns, blaster, and firearms skills into pistol, rifle, and heavy weapons (though there are no archaic heavy weapons) as it requires a different skill set to use each. Brawling/brawling parry and melee combat/melee parry have been combined into unarmed combat and melee weapons, respectively, and have been placed in Strength. Likewise, blaster artillery and vehicle blasters (now called vehicle gunnery) have been placed in Mechanical. Interrogation is a Perception skill, jetpack operation/rocket pack operation have been combined, and jet vehicle operation has been created for pod racers and swoops (with swoop operation being discarded). Finally, armor had replaced powered armor and is now used as the active defense roll when wearing armor because Stormies and Clones never take cover, trusting their armor to absorb the damage. I am using a modified version of the Wound system with a number of points equal to the number of dice rolled for Strength (i.e. a Strength of 3D+1 would give you 3 points in each wound category). Otherwise, the damage is handled similarly to the Wound system with each point of damage being subtracted from the character’s Wound points. Each Wound Level (Stunned, Wounded, Severely Wounded, etc.) includes certain penalties. Also, a new Wound Level has been added between Stunned and Wounded called Hurt. I have modified the use of Force powers, as well. Rather than three separate skills, Force is now an attribute. It has a number of inherent abilities that can be used without special training, the basic abilities that all Force sensitive characters seem to possess. Otherwise, the character can purchase Force powers and focuses/abilities. The characters are not just limited to their original backgrounds. After attaining certain skill levels and/or purchasing certain abilities, the characters can qualify for professions. Professions are open to most every character class and include new abilities that can be purchased. A character can purchase any number of professions or abilities as long as they qualify for them. Besides the normal abilities, professions can also be expanded upon to give the character bonuses of various types. Professions follow the Prestige Classes of SWSE. I am including a great deal of extra “fluff” that can be purchased with Character Points to extend the amount of fun play-time that players can have. With just the basic D6, most games become quickly overpowered. Also, this system will include variable levels for enemies, making Stormtroopers viable villains from start to finish. As I finish with the various sections and changes, I’ll post them to get feedback. The first book will be the bare bones version with sourcebooks to be written later. I’ll be asking for your help with ironing out any major issues you might see. Likewise, I am going to be play-testing it with my gaming group to get some of the major bugs worked out.
  2. There are threads like this in a couple other Star Wars RPG forums that have lead to great discussions. It's a topic that has been touched on in various threads here, so I thought I would start its own devoted thread here too... George Lucas himself has been quoted stating that there is a Star Wars multiverse: George Lucas' Film Universe. The film saga. In this universe Lucas includes the dialogue and events of the film novelizations, comic book adaptations and radio drama adaptations that do not contradict the films. The more recent versions of events (currently the DVDs) overrides the older versions. Of course this includes Lucas' intended meanings of the films, and it also includes things he has stated about the universe of his films that are not directly conclusive in the films themselves (such as the timeline of films in relation to each other, Luke never got married, Palpatine was never cloned, Boba Fett and Palpatine died final deaths in ROTJ, and Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Sith forever). All three of the previous's sentences define "GU". The Expanded Universe. This is the "universe" supposedly created by the sum of the film universe ("G-canon") plus most Star Wars publishing continuity ("C-canon"). Television shows, original novels and non-story books, comic books, RPG source material, the canon events of video games, etc. The Infinities comics and some of the older publishing have intentionally been excluded from the EU, but modern EU authors can use something from the older published works thereby "canonizing" it to exist in the EU. Where an element of EU is later contradicted by a film, the newer film continuity officially takes precidence, requiring a ret-con to correct the EU. So the EU is officially supposed to conform to the first two sentences of GU above, and it is also supposed to be self-consistent, not contradicting itself. (IMO, it fails miseraly in both directives.) Beyond the films themselves, George Lucas has provided some direction to the EU, but most of it is admittedly largely unknown to him. Each fan's universe. George Lucas, the creator of (1.) the GU and owner of (2.) the EU, expects and even encourages each fan to define his own Star Wars universe. The recipe of your universe is: Take however much or little of 1 and 2 you wish, and add in any amount of your own continuity, and there is your universe! So with # 3 alone, there are vast multiplicity (virtually millions) of Star Wars Universes in existence, and as a whole they compose the Star Wars Multiverse. In fact, some of us as individual fans have our own Star Wars multiverse, so you could say these are personal multiverses within the one composite mega-Multiverse! Being that the members of this site are mostly GMs, I'm especially interested in how you all define the reality of your Star Wars RPG settings. What is your #3? So the ultimate question is: What is YOUR Star Wars Universe? (or multiverse)
  3. Here is the official announcement from StarWars.com: http://www.starwars.com/games/othergames/fantasyflight_starwars/index.html Let's hope and pray they use Open D6 for the RPG game engine! Should we start a petition or organize a movement? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/
  4. This question could be reated to scale but please feel free to respond to any aspect. d20 has character/creature "size" with Medium for humans size and Small for smaller than humans. Being Small provides advantages such as being more difficult to hit in combat and being able to more easily hide and sneak, but disadvantages such as lifting and carrying weight limits being 3/4 of a medium character. I think there are limits to weapon usage based on character size. I've also noticed that Small characters tend to have a Move rate equal to 2/3 of the standard medium. In what all ways should this translate to Star Wars D6, say for a humanoid character (fairly proportional to humans) only smaller in size (such as Ewoks or Mrlssi)? Whether through the use of scale rules or not, small characters should definitely be harder to hit in combat. And I don't know if scale should also apply the same way to Hide/Sneak checks, but one way or another it should generally be harder for other characters to perceive Small characters. I would think that there should be some limits for small characters as far was equipment and weapon usage. The lifting and carrying aspect could just be represented by a lower maximum strength. And Move should have a lower base and maximum. I am designing a avian humanoid PC species that are mostly human sized, but with a minority of its members "small" in scale, and I thought that the player choosing this species for his PC can as an option "buy" the advantage of being small from a point cost perspective. So if Strength and Move just have lower mins and maxes so they are removed from the equation, what is the net result of a character being small? Is it an net advantage, net disadvantage or is it even? What all advantages and disadvantages should it come with? Should the scale of the galaxy be considered as a story factor type of disadvantage? (meaning most things available for sentient use in the galaxy are designed for roughly human-sized characters) What would the limits be for what type of equipment and weapons a "small" character can use? I was thinking the small members of the species would be about 1 meter which is around the average for the species that are sized as small in d20. I would like there to be consecutive height ranges for both sizes of the species. What would be a sensible cut-off between small and standard characters in height? Just the same, what should be the max Strength and Move for small characters? Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!
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