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  1. Spoiler Alert (for films that were released 1982-1991 ) Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn Star Trek: The Search for Spock Star Trek: The Voyage Home Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country Since I have exorcised The Motion Picture and V: The Final Frontier from my personal Star Trek canon, I am left with the above four TOS movies (which alternate between great and ok). Because I am a bit O/C about my collections of series not having any holes, I have removed the original numbers from the above film titles (II, III, IV and VI) and even made two new DVD covers for them (two double features: TWoK/TSfS and TVH/TUC). The lack of numbers now matches the style of the TNG films which have no numbers and only subtitles. Many will argue that the above films really do not comprise a "tetralogy". It's a trilogy with a single sequel to that trilogy. I definitely see this view. Kirk feels old McCoy urges him to get back his command because that is his finest destiny. Spock dies without ever completely resolving his differences with his father and the Vulcan-Human conflict within himself. Kirk feels young again... but Spock's death feels like an open wound. Kirk gets Spock back but loses his son and the Enterprise in the process. After Spock’s katra spent time in his emotional human foil McCoy, Spock resolves his Vulcan-Human conflict and differences with his father. Kirk gets back his command and a new Enterprise. Kirk is home again, a home he knows he never should have left. The end, right? Klingons were entered into this story in the middle chapter of the film trilogy. They killed Kirk's son and contributed to the course of events that resulted in the destruction of the Enterprise. A Klingon ambassador appears early in the third chapter of the trilogy, and the Klingon conflict of the narrative was effectively put on hold with the exclamation "There shall be no peace, as long as Kirk lives!". Despite the fact that the end of TVH seemingly ties a nice little bow around the character issues introduced in the TOS and TWoK, there really are more conflicts introduced in the “trilogy” to be resolved by another chapter. Kirk has to overcome his prejudice against Klingons to achieve peace. Spock investigates a plot involving a trusted protégé who betrays him by using logic to wrongly rationalize her prejudices against Klingons and justify murder. And this fourth chapter is also a final chapter in that it shows not only the end of the new seven-year mission began at the end of the third chapter, but also the end of the second Enterprise and the voyages of Kirk as Captain of any Enterprise. A more peaceful relationship with the Klingons begins after not only the movie chapter TSfS, but also the original series which featured Klingons as major ongoing antagonist. For all of these reasons, I view the above films as a 4-part story which serves a sequel to the original Star trek TV series. (I view Star Trek: Generations as a TNG film, but also a sequel to the Tetralogy where Kirk serves as a supporting character for Picard, helping to resolve his regret over not progenerating offspring vs. his greater destiny as his generation’s Enterprise captain.)
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