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Found 3 results

  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]78[/ATTACH] How does a Command Module execute an orbital rendezvous? What does it take to accomplish a space walk? If there is a fire in free-fall, can you even see it? For those of us gamers who really want to embrace the Hard SF experience, these are important questions. The Pumpkin Suit's Manual: Easy Rules for Hard Science Fiction is an attempt to answer them. The Pumpkin Suit's Manual is a 41-page PDF product with rules for space launches, EVA Combat, Damage Control, and Free-fall maneuvering, as well as Character Templates and equipment for your space campaign. If you ever wanted to run a gritty, realistic scenario in space where gravity, air and power are missing, where your players must race against time to save themselves from drowning in vacuum, or there spacecraft suffer damage that makes Apollo 13's look like a fender-bender, then you need this sourcebook! ON SALE NOW!
  2. Just released our latest supplement for The Black Desert Role-Playing Game on the 16th. In this PDF, The Black Desert: Species, we showcase the four playable races in the game: AI, Humans, NuApes, and Trans-humans. Just to give all you fans of good 'ole fashioned D6 SF a taste, here is a preview of your article on Humans. Enjoy! [ATTACH=CONFIG]68[/ATTACH] Humans Humans are the oldest and most numerous sentient species extant on Terra. There is some question in recent years as to weather or not they are still the most dominant. History Homo sapiens have existed in their current form for at least fifty-thousand years, and all of Terran recorded history is about their species. That being said, an argument may be made that, thanks to the advent of genetic engineering, humans are in the process of becoming a new species all together. Physical Traits Starting in the twenty-first century, breakthroughs in molecular biology and protein synthesis radically altered the natural course of human development and aging. The vast majority of humans alive today can expect to live at least two centuries, be free from genetic and contracted diseases, and maintain their vigor and vitality until only a few years before their deaths. The use of genetic manipulation in utero to prevent hereditary diseases eventually gave way to a plethora of selective procedures that could decide nearly every physical trait and many mental ones as well. This “designer baby” phenomena has produced “racial” traits that have nothing to do with environmental adaptations, but are rather dictated by cultural conceits. In North America, physical beauty and prowess are paramount; in fact, with the exception of ethnic sensibilities, most people in that region tend to look vaguely similar. Europeans and Africans, by contrast, favor intelligence over appearance, finding “natural beauty” too precious to dilute. In South America, humans appearance is only slightly idealized, while their endurance and ability to shrug off disease is greatly enhanced. Perhaps the most radically altered members of the human family are the imperial citizens of Siberia; The classical concepts of human beauty that are embodied in Anime are seen in enlarged eyes, slight bodies, small mouths, and a dizzying array of eye and hair colors. Culture Humans have practiced a bewildering array of cultural and social systems in their history, and to a certain extent this is true today. The vast number of different ethnic families, nations, settlements and traditions mean that humans have nearly no universal cultural traits. In general, humans live in family groups ranging from individual nuclear units to extended families to entire tribes. In addition to these ancient models, humans also live in virtual communities, military or pacifist communes, and even more radical combinations. Marriage and child-rearing customs run the gamut, with new variations being practiced everyday. One universal trait to human living that is different from previous eras is the near total lack of privacy. Thanks to the ubiquitous nature of surveillance and information technologies, people are under constant scrutiny almost every second of their lives. For the most part, people don't mind this; it is, after all, normal and had been for centuries. One positive product of this is that neighbors and especially members of the same space outpost consider themselves as close as traditional family in many cases, and cooperation is typically favored over competition in most dealing. This spirit of camaraderie does not, however extend much beyond the local group, as the devastation of the Great War made clear. Relationships Humans have rarely gotten along with members of their own species for any length of time, so it is perhaps no surprise that they are so ambivalent toward others species as well. Among themselves, Human in the present day are most frequently divided along nationalistic lines. After a half-century of constant war, the ingrained mistrust of those who until recently were enemy combatants has led to widespread friction among various regions on Terra. The development of mega-states is an attempt to counteract this trend and it seems to be working. That being said, negative relations between mega-states have, if anything, made international tensions worse. Among other species, the members of H. sapiens take a typically human-centric view. They consider AI, for the most part, equal-in-intellect yet inferior by virtue of their lack of physical existence. NuApes are viewed as by-definition sub-human and not considered independently sentient under the law anywhere on Terra. Though few Humans admit it, Trans-humans are felt to be superior in many ways, and this feeling is the source of frustration, paranoia, and outright rage among many. Perhaps this is why the numbers of people that condemn Trans-humanism are surpassed only by the numbers that are joining them. Classic D6 Stats Species Traits: All Attribute Ranges 1D-5D Move: 10 meters Height: 154-200 cm Weight: 75-110 kg Skill Dice: 20D Special Abilities: Designer Genes: Humans start play with one extra die in the Attribute of their choice, based on their region of birth: North America: Strength South America: Strength Europe: Knowledge Siberia: Perception BD6 Stats All Attribute Ranges 1D-5D Move: 6 squares Height: 154-200 cm Weight: 75-110 kg Skill Dice: 20D Special Abilities: Designer Genes: Humans start play with one extra die in the Attribute of their choice, based on their region of birth: North America: Strength South America: Strength Europe: Knowledge Siberia: Social In addition, Skill Checks based on the above Attributes are always one Difficulty Level lower than normal.
  3. As some of you may already know, Blue Max Studios has been developing new and original content for OpenD6 since last September. To date, all but two of our current releases have been for a new Hard SF setting, The Black Desert. Basically, I decided that instead of waiting an indefinite amount of time working on the Core Rulebook before trying my hand at publishing, I would get my feet wet by writing supplements to build up a fan base and to get experience in the business. I highly recommend this to those of you who are thinking of starting your own game design companies, working for a current one, or going solo like me. But now the time has come. I have a lot of fans, a lot of support, and a good bit experience in writing for publication and meeting deadlines. Therefore, Blue Max Studios is proud to announce the official release date of our first full-length, original role-playing game for OpenD6. Let me put it in bold for you: The Black Desert Role-Playing Game will be released on December 16th, 2011. This gives me plenty of time to finish the game while keeping up with my prior commitments and still lets me publish in time for the Holidays. I pride myself on having never missed a product release date, even when my computer crashed after getting a virus. I for certain do not intend to miss this one. To all of you who have offered encouragement, advice and support, thank you.
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