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  1. So there are a couple versions of dealing with scales in OpenD6. We have the method from the 3 core books that uses a static modifier. Every item has a value, and there are no particular benchmarks to group things in. They provided some examples to guage the numbers of the scales. We also have the method from the D6 System book, as well as several other varieties of OpenD6, which is the dice increase method. Each scale above Character scale gets extra dice when resisting damage from a lower scale or when inflicting damage on a lower scale. The reverse is true (the lower scale gets the bonus) when the bigger scale attempts to hit the smaller scale and when the bigger scale attempts to dodge an attack from the smaller scale. The last version of D6 Star Wars used a method like this. This method has benchmarks for grouping things in each scale area. Those seem to be the only two methods of scale used so far in OpenD6. So my question is: Which method do you use in your games or game design? Why do you use that method? Or do you use a completely different method of handling scale? If so, what is it and why did you choose it?
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