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Found 2 results

  1. I was considering putting out some relatively quick PDF "quick" adventures. Basically some really short adventure ideas that presents a situations, maybe a couple quick NPCs, some quick, necessary equipment, and that's about it. Nothing real fancy, but maybe something that can help spark some new ideas for what people can play/run using D6. So far I've got an idea for a western, a horror, a pulp adventure, and a post apocolyptic. Do you guys have any suggestions for some quick adventure ideas you'd like to see? Settings, time periods, or general adventure types are welcome suggestions. I'm going to keep things pretty basic when it comes to stats. Very trimmed down so people can use whatever version of OpenD6 they want to use with it. Now's the time to throw out some ideas of small adventures you'd like to see. Remember, these are going to be "quick" adventures, so they won't be super detailed. Lend me your thoughts!
  2. Updated Monthly with ship and NPC stats. Check it out!
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