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Found 2 results

  1. Show your support for OpenD6 gaming; Like our fan page on Facebook! We post albums, updates for our latest products, and other news about Blue Max Studios. ...Please? 'Cause it'd be really cool of you...
  2. As some of you may already know, Blue Max Studios has been developing new and original content for OpenD6 since last September. To date, all but two of our current releases have been for a new Hard SF setting, The Black Desert. Basically, I decided that instead of waiting an indefinite amount of time working on the Core Rulebook before trying my hand at publishing, I would get my feet wet by writing supplements to build up a fan base and to get experience in the business. I highly recommend this to those of you who are thinking of starting your own game design companies, working for a current one, or going solo like me. But now the time has come. I have a lot of fans, a lot of support, and a good bit experience in writing for publication and meeting deadlines. Therefore, Blue Max Studios is proud to announce the official release date of our first full-length, original role-playing game for OpenD6. Let me put it in bold for you: The Black Desert Role-Playing Game will be released on December 16th, 2011. This gives me plenty of time to finish the game while keeping up with my prior commitments and still lets me publish in time for the Holidays. I pride myself on having never missed a product release date, even when my computer crashed after getting a virus. I for certain do not intend to miss this one. To all of you who have offered encouragement, advice and support, thank you.
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