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  1. My friends and I have been working on a proposed space-themed game, and as chief GM I'm fretting about the rules. None of us likes detailed rules (we just finished a Pathfinder game in which we felt bogged down by them in combat), and the players even suggested not having a "charm" stat because they're big on roleplaying the social interaction. I was thinking of using the Mini Six variant of Open D6... but now it seems like we'd be down to just three stats. One player sent me an outline based on D6 Space, which struck me as cumbersome with its distinction between "Mechanical", "Technical" and other stats. This is an open-ended question... Any suggestions on dealing with stats/skills in a game focused on exploring strange new worlds, for players who most like a simple approach and a cinematic style, rather than being told they can't do X because they need the level 5 Waffle Wielding feat? For comparison, I tried to get these guys interested in "Exalted" using a version of OpenD6, encouraging the stunt system it has, and they felt annoyed because they kept failing the intelligence rolls to understand some artifacts. In "Pathfinder" they got aggravated because the scenario involved a tactics-heavy assault on a bandit fort, and they stood around debating plans; also they said "I leap at the Stag Lord and stab in midair... except only in flavortext because I don't want to look up all the rules for that."
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