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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I present you the magic system i'm working on. There'll be a complete version (in french) in futur. My inspiration has many sources and comes from, Ars Magica, gurps magic, D6 Fantasy, "minisix simpler magic system" post, Rolemaster, AD&D, and Grimace's Magic & Miracles (i've had a lot of pleasure to read, and i'm actually translating in french). How it works ? First, there is 2 "magic skills" : one for verbs (in fr sommer) and one for names (in fr nommer). You use the lesser of them to reach TN. I'm steel thinking to keep only one Magic skill instead of two. 2) the syste
  2. Hi folks! New to the forums and new-ish to the D6 system. (I played WEG's Star Wars a long time ago.) I'm starting a fantasy campaign up and decided to use d6 Fantasy for the ruleset. It looks like it's in my Goldilocks zone between crunchy and hand-wavey. I expect this will be the first in a multitude of questions. Probably best if I just give an example: If I'm creating a spell with Area Affect (2D Circle, 2 meter Radius), Change Target of 2 Targets, and Multi-Targets of 3 targets, would the cost be: Area Affect = 4 (1 per 0.5 meters) Change Target = 30 (5 per target * 2 chang
  3. Hello Everybody! I've been working in an electronic spreadsheet to calculate magic spell difficulties. I think it's working fine. Is anyone interested in giving a look at it? Can I publish the spreadsheet here? (regarding IP and OGL matters). recrispi.
  4. She lectured him on the theory of the spell -- and used the distraction to pull him off of the branch he stood on. He fell only inches before his feet stuck nothing, making splashes of emerald light. He was standing on sparks that seemed to make a vast, waving carpet out of the night-time forest canopy. She smiled at him and said, "Wherever there is forest, one who walks in the Lord's name may go." He looked into the distance and saw his faithless friend using the same light to lift his steps. He had not fallen either... Cotyledon is a setting for the Mini Six ruleset, available as a three
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