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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everybody! I've been working in an electronic spreadsheet to calculate magic spell difficulties. I think it's working fine. Is anyone interested in giving a look at it? Can I publish the spreadsheet here? (regarding IP and OGL matters). recrispi.
  2. She lectured him on the theory of the spell -- and used the distraction to pull him off of the branch he stood on. He fell only inches before his feet stuck nothing, making splashes of emerald light. He was standing on sparks that seemed to make a vast, waving carpet out of the night-time forest canopy. She smiled at him and said, "Wherever there is forest, one who walks in the Lord's name may go." He looked into the distance and saw his faithless friend using the same light to lift his steps. He had not fallen either... Cotyledon is a setting for the Mini Six ruleset, available as a three-page PDF here. Some extra material is here. Magic is common and not meant to be balanced against non-mages, but is focused on a theme of plants, flesh and what we'd call biotech. The intended theme is loyalty: who will end up ruling the area, and what cause should you serve? Playable races are humans (whose holiest site recently blew up), the squirrel-like Velesians (whose god is dying), and an order of shapeshifting griffin knights (working for a questionable new government), with mysterious golems in the background. You're welcome to check it out and use it. I know it's rough. I tried to cram it into exactly three pages in the style of the main Mini Six booklet. The whole thing's based on a novel of mine, so there's additional background material beyond what's in here. Mechanically it replaces most of the Mini Six magic system to make it more common, less generic, and usable by non-nerd PCs. Game-related inspirations include "Ars Magica", "Exalted", and an old D&D book about wizards trying to become immortal by creating unique domains. Criticism welcome, but please be gentle.
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