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  1. I need help with something Im planning for a new GODSEND Agenda game. I need help codifying the different generic gods and their areas of expertise. I want a generic way to present gods so that a player can pick from a category and build from there Dominion-what the god typically rules over. Some gods will have overlap and others may need to be combined. Aspect- When the god takes on his full power what aspects show through the strongest. Example: A sky god may gather clouds around him, or a death god may leave bloody footprints where he walks. When I fire god calls on his full power or walks into a room does it get stuffy? Do nearby flammables catch and burn? Players would be able to embellish from here but I want a basic guideline for them to follow What I need help on is what aspects and domains the gods would have. Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. Sky God Dominion- the Sky, thunder, rain, storms, light Aspect- Lightning, strong wind Earth God Dominion- the earth, fertility, crops, plants Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling Fire God Dominion- fire, blacksmithing, the home, health, light Aspect- burning, soot, heat Water God Dominion- the sea, rivers, lakes Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling Trickster God Dominion- guile, speed, thievery, money/materials goods, trade Aspect- earthquakes, rumbling Animal God Dominion- animals, hunting, tracking, healing War God Dominion- war, combat, competition, anger, blood Love God Dominion- lovers, deception, beguiling, children Fertility God Dominion- the home, women, crops, harvest, food Death God Dominion- the underworld, death, life, resurrection, plague, sickness, shadow, sleep Magic God Dominion- reasoning thought, mathematics, creativity, music, artistry, Sun God Dominion- the sun, light, healing, excellence, Moon God Dominion- madness, secrets, evasion, prophecy, sleep, shadows
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